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  1. This is remarkable. I have been thinking all day today and yesterday that I need a total reset. I need to start over. I have planned to just start over in the Bible from Genesis 1:1 and Matthew 1:1 and allow the Word to just wash me of any and all deception, wrong believing, erroneous ideas or theology, etc that I’ve allowed into my mind and heart, uknowingly since I was first saved. Well…thank you for releasing this word.

    Thank You Lord for SUDDENLY Manifesting this word in my life and the life of my love ones NOW in JESUS NAME! I Receive IT – IT IS SO & IT is MY TIME to heal, repair, revive, restore, and renew‼️
    So Timely- with the way I feel right this Moment- I pray Father that I will NOT Miss MY MOMENT & That I Will NOT Miss a BEAT- HALLELUJAH! Thank You so much Sister June & please pray for me❣️

  3. This is truly very Good News June Reinke!!
    How beautiful are your feet on the Mountain!!
    I was reminded of a dream concerning the “All things new” word, I won’t share it, it’s quite out there, but I will say that I believe He means it quite literally!! He’s making us brand new, restoring our youth as the eagle! This is truly cause to celebrate!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!! :)

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