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Rest and Wait Patiently Upon The LORD — 5 Comments

  1. Father.

    (Isaiah 9.6)

    I’m thankful for Your Word, and your care.
    Please, keep driving my life. You know the way, and You Are The Way. keep pulling me to You, keep me close to You. I want to walk with You. And i want to rest on Your feet.
    I’m trying to learn. Stay with your sheep.

    Please, get inside my heart. I want to be there with you; looking at You, holding Your Hand.

    I admire You. I love You.

  2. Sister, it is not about impatience or fear of coming into a destiny where GOD wanted or maybe still wants me to be. In 2016 I was in Florida and even on a private property of a pastor and USAF military Lt.Col. they were lieing in wait behind the bushes. I prayed a loud prayer while sitting on the terrace and then a big stone was dropped. There is no place on earth where we have safety. My heart’s desire was not to move to USA. It was GOD’s intervention. He made this relationship coming into existence, through a heart’s desire of this godly man. All his life he visited Europe and he is one of those who doesn’t hate Germans. My only desire is the return of our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. I am in my 60th year on earth now, and if I die before His return, I die in peace. GOD’s people always where chased through the lands, it is scriptural. JESUS said many words of what a destiny of believers also will be. Sister June, I always treasured your love and faith and encouragements. Often my brothers and sisters have spoken and written wrong, they had psychological assumptions and some made accusations, but mostly they comforted me, and one day I will thank you personally. GOD says, one day we will shout for joy, but others will cry.

    • Sister Myrian (Marion).

      He Is speaking. We read here, carefully bringing His Word to our hearts.

      It is all His Word, directly through sister/pastor June. Watch:
      I AM Prophecy

      Father, give Your Grace and Peace (Shalom/Shalam Peace), Your Perfect Grace and Peace of Mind to my sister in Christ. Amen.

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