Restoring Marriage and Family


So many marriages and families are under attack.  Sometimes in the midst of a battle it can be very easy to lose sight of who the real enemy is.  It’s not your spouse or children, it’s the enemy of your soul.  It’s the one who wants to divide, conquer and destroy.  Unfortunately, Satan looks for people to operate through in order to do his dirty work, because his goal is to perpetuate a curse.  He wants to keep repeating a pattern of loss and discouragement in the family line.

Satan looks for open doors, so that means we have to be wise enough to shut him down at every turn.  Although problems are acted out in the natural, there can often be spiritually driven agendas by unseen forces.  It’s futile to try to solve spiritual problems with natural solutions.  What you need is a spiritual solution, and that involves prayer.

Here is a prayer to heal marriage and family, but I encourage you to go the extra step and renounce the sins of your ancestors and help heal your family tree.  Renounce things like jealousy, broken vows and covenants, pride, stubbornness, adultery, lying, idolatry, blame shifting and bitterness that came through your family tree.

Ask Jesus to cover those sins with His blood, and help you with a fresh start.  When you bring Holy Spirit into your marriage and family, God is there to help heal, restore and mend what was torn by the enemy.  When you heal your family, you heal your future and those of your children, too.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Help us shut the enemy out of our marriage and family.

We repent for anger, power struggles, poor communication and dishonoring one another.

We repent for any ways that we have rejected or disrespected one another.

We chose to forgive each other of the past and we will not bring up old issues.

We will not continue to blame each other for things that happened in the past.

We repent for any sins of ourselves or others in our family line that led to adultery, jealousy, broken vows, and betrayal of trust or broken commitments.

We ask that the sins of the past be broken off of us and forgiven.

We ask You, Lord Jesus, to receive us as Your own.

We believe You can heal our marriage and make it healthy.  Let this be a brand new day.

We renounce fear, unloving spirits, anger, condemnation and criticism.

We repent and renounce any ways we have entertained fault finding. Today we ask for grace to modify our behavior, to know when to remain silent, and appropriate ways of addressing issues.

We ask for a release of Your love and grace to help bring lasting change.  Give us eyes to see the positive things and help us bless those things deserving of praise.  Help us to replace bad habits with good ones.

We come together now in a prayer of agreement, asking that you help us recover trust, love, honor and respect.

Holy Spirit, forgive us for grieving you and not honoring Your authority over our marriage.

We make a covenant with You now, and ask that You speak to us, bless us with wisdom and counsel from above.  Help us to remember to honor You and ask You for help.

Please protect our marriage from the plots and schemes of the evil one and workers of iniquity.  Come and refresh our marriage.  You can make all things new.  You can resolve issues that on our own strength we cannot.

Let the hurt feelings be washed away by the power of Your love.

Breathe a fresh wind into us individually, but also into us as a couple, and let your love wash over our children, too.  Fill us with Yourself, Holy Spirit.  We need You.  We cannot revive ourselves.

Please, help us come back into divine order in all things and shut the enemy out of our thoughts, our responses, our family and our future.  In Jesus name, Amen.


~ Laura Gagnon

Laura GagnonLaura Gagnon is a woman who has been blessed with the gift of understanding God’s restorative work through her own personal experience.  Through her insights and revelation, God has led her to influence many individuals into a restored relationship with Jesus Christ.  She is a woman who stands on the promises of God, encouraging others in an elevated expectation of the miraculous and declares the gift of His life.  Laura is the author of Healing the Heart of a Woman and writes for her blog, Beyond the Barriers.



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  1. Thank you so much for this.  My husband has been having an aduterous affair for almost 2 years.  I have,been fighting and standing for his salvation and the restoration of our marriage.  I just asked him last night why he doesnt pack his things and leave?  He had no real answer.  I do not want a divorce. I love him. I love our family.  I needed this today.  Thank you!