Restructuring for Kingdom Advancement

A Prophetic Word for 2015
The year of expansion  –  The year of Enlargement
A year of Restructuring for Kingdom Advancement!
(by Apostle Dr. Leina’ala Mars )


Isaiah 6:8  “Also I heard the voice of The Lord, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us?  Then said I, here am I; send me.”  Your posture this year needs to be a continued posture of prayer and humility.  You need to have yourself in a place where God can continue your process and use you for his service.

2 Kings 7:1-20  speaks of a prophetic utterance by Elisha the prophet to the city of Samaria in the middle of a severe famine, right in the midst of the King of Samaria sending someone for his head, because the famine in the city had been blamed on Elisha the prophet.

In the midst of all that is going on, he stands firm in his call and prophesies a 24 hour release that will take a miracle to come to pass.  The man whom the king sent to kill Elisha doubts the prophetic word released from Elisha and begins to speak doubtful words over what Elisha has just spoken over the city.  Elisha then says to the man “You will see it with your eyes but you will not be a partaker of it.”

As soon as the word from God is released from the prophet the story now shifts to 4 lepers who are at the gate of Samaria asking themselves “Why should we sit here and die?”  The fate of the city of Samaria is in the hands of 4 men who take a chance to put their fate in the hands of the Syrian army and ends up bringing a shift in the city from lack to plenty.

God being the strategic God that He is, has now changed things, because of a leap of faith taken by these 4 men.  This passage of scripture prophetically speaks over the year of 2015, saying so much to us as leaders, members, saints and sinners.

There are many predictions being made over the new year.  Many are false, many are true.  We must learn to hear when God is speaking to us, and we must learn when the enemy is whispering in our ear.

The Lord spoke to me the last few weeks of 2014 many things that would take place, but He said this is not a year of positioning, because he has already positioned us.

There are many things that He has been waiting for us to walk in, but we were so focused on our wounds and our warfare, we couldn’t totally fulfill the plans of what the year brought to us.  So many things speak from this passage.

Elisha is prophesying, while a man has come to take off his head and the famine that the city was going through, has been blamed on him.  This projects the warfare of this year and how it will come, but it also shows the strength and stamina of this prophet in his calling.  In the midst of warfare he is prophesying accurately and the power behind his words in the midst of warfare, releases a miracle that shifts an entire city!

As leaders, we must remain focused under pressure.  Yes, the warfare is heavy, but God is saying, “Don’t focus so much on the warfare this year –  get beyond it, because it comes with the territory.”  Begin to stand under pressure despite the persecution that will come this year because of who you are and what god has called you to do.

People will doubt what you say, even openly ridiculing you as you speak what God is saying, but continue to stand firm.  Because of their unbelief, they will see God use you, but will not be able to partake of the blessings of God, because this year, you must “walk” faith and not just “talk” faith.

You will stop the very blessings of God this year if you are not careful of what comes out of your mouth.  Watch your tongue, bridle it and exercise control over it or you will see miracles, signs and wonders, people being used and God moving through others, but you will continue to be “stuck” at the gate trying to get “coins” from someone else’s blessings (see Acts 3:2).

As God uses the 4 lepers at the Samarian gate, I see that God is still going to use the “reject” and the “underdog” to shift cities.  No matter the rejection you have gone through and how much you tend to be ignored, God wants to use you to bring cities out of bondage that are destined to die in a state of famine.

Don’t focus on the fact that they have rejected you, focus on the fact that you can still be used despite the rejection of “man.”   Being used by God this year will require “leaps” of faith, not one but several throughout the year for his strategic plans to come to pass.  This will require movement and action on your part.

You cannot blame “prophets,” leaders, parents, friends or enemies for your state of famine, you must get tired of “sitting” and get with the agenda of God.  Don’t “blame” anyone for your predicament this year get up and take your position and move with the plans already set up by God.

Elisha released a word of “this time tomorrow.”  This prophet was famous for predictions that shifted destinies, being able, just with the words he spoke, to pull things from the “unseen” realm into the “seen” realm.  Miracles were part of his lifestyle.  This was only done sitting at the feet of an “accurate” prophet and serving with a pure heart without any type of motives.

The 24 hour miracle is available to anyone that will put “wings” to your faith and believe in the God of the impossible.  The heavens are open, the clock is ticking.  Don’t say you’re waiting on God, because people, God is waiting on us!

The 4 lepers could have sat there, but something inside of you cries for change and your situation can if you refuse to stay the same.  Get up so your “famine” can be over!

Amos 9:13 states: “Behold, the days come, saith The Lord, that the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him that soweth seed; and the mountains shall drop sweet wine, and all the hills shall melt.”   You will see manifestation happen quickly this year in many areas of your life if you refuse to doubt what god can do.  When you release your seed you will see that your manifestation will be already waiting for you to receive it.  What a year for the “believer!!”   Lord, we need your grace and mercy to operate in our lives without measure!

I hear The Lord say that we are now in a place to receive what He positioned us for, because after kicking against the process for the last few years, we have finally embraced the fact that we must go “through” in order to get “to.”  So now God is able to finish and complete the work that he had begun in us.

We “see” more clearly the path before us and most of us are now willing to follow where “he” has “ordered” our steps to.  “This is “not” a year of positioning,” saith The Lord, “For I have already positioned you.  Now is the time to walk out the path I have placed before you, with humility and willingness to grow.  Many of you will be moved around “spiritually” and physically, it has already been a thought in your mind because I placed it there.  I will move you around strictly for the purpose of fulfilling “My” will in in the earth.  This is “not” positioning for the door has already been opened for you in the previous years “now”is the time to for you to walk in what i placed you in position to do.”

Things will begin to shift drastically this year.  Many of those who have “served” properly will begin to lead with compassion, integrity and truth, many that are tenants and renters will become “land owners,” many of those that have “little” will begin to prosper, many businesses will begin to shift for the better….  Your “drought” experience has ended. 

Many marriages will be strengthened and healed, many bodies will be healed and restored by My power.  Many that are in the “last” position, will realize where you belong, and get back in position.  Many will be repositioned, because you got out of place focusing on the cares of this life.  Now is the acceptable time, now is the time to go forth and do what I have placed in you to do.

I’m calling my people out of desert places where they have been in a process for My glory to be revealed in their lives.  You will come off of the “back burner” where you have been sitting and waiting, I have prepared you for such a time as this, hear My voice as i give you instructions and speak to you according to My word.

I have established you and now I shall release you with what I have trained you to do.  Those who are obedient to Me will eat the good of the land as I show you My goodness and show you my glory with signs and wonders that will follow those that are obedient and now believe…..  Many have toiled and will now begin to reap where they have toiled with “hard” labor and warfare.  Your labor is not in vain and i am not unrighteous as to forget your labor of love.  Don’t miss your moment for soon you will clearly see that your press, your process and faith in what I AM able to do will cause you to prosper in many areas of your life.  Get in position, saith The Lord.

Many souls will be added to My kingdom as an evangelistic thrust hit many people in My house.  Many who \were not able to be reached in previous years will be won and many of those who forgot Mme in their “pursuit” for wealth, forgetting that I release the power to get wealth.

I am bringing My people to a place of humility and repentance.  I know those who are mine – they will hear Me as I call for them to come to My feet.  Many will begin to see dreams and visions more than usual as I speak, expose and warn My people of what is to come and what has been hidden around them, in the name of friendship and loyalty.

I will continue to expose on national, international levels in the Church and secularly.  Many will be surprised at what they see as I reveal to them what has been hidden from plain view and bring leaders and others down from where you have lifted them to where they really are. 

Do not be discouraged at what you see, but thank Me for showing you what is real and what is not.  I am a jealous God and you have placed many things higher than Me, so I must show you that the path that I have chosen for your life is the best path, for I made you and I know the plan that is best for your life.

Do not follow what does not follow My word.  Do not follow what is not seeking me.  Do not follow what refuses to repent and walk circumspect before me.

You will know My leaders by the humility and truth they walk in, and their heart that is tender towards Me and what is mine.  Walk in my love as you connect, disconnect and reconnect.  Many will begin to see my plan and many relationships that were disconnected because of whispers, lies and jealousy will begin to be restored as the truth is revealed and lies are exposed. 

Discord among My people is one of the things that I hate.  Don’t let your feet run towards mischief and deceit for what you have sown you will surely reap, saith The Lord.  Don’t be found doing what is displeasing to me, I allow the rain to fall on the just and the unjust, I come quickly, saith The Lord.

My Word to the five fold:


Your focus will be mainly training and launching in 2015.  Many schools of the apostle’s will be planted this year as the gift of apostle regroups, restructures and trains it’s own for greater and global impact.

You will have greater impact as you train those who are called by Me that have not fully developed before being affirmed, as well as those who need sharpening by an apostle who is closer to My mouth.

Some of you are not true apostle’s, and as training and restructuring takes place, those around you will begin to see that your self ambition got you to your position, as well as an unlearned and disobedient leader, who has laid their hands on you and pushed you into a position you were not called to.

Do not covet what you see others do, and do not covet what you think will make you “look” like you are something, that’s deception.  Rather desire spiritual gifts and covet to prophesy to edify the body of Christ and I will show you a more excellent way.

I release the grace and oil for each position I have called a leader to this year.  Self ambition and the words of people flattering your “itching ears” will cause you to shipwreck and those who follow you to be scattered.  Those who can discern, will see strange things happen to those who are not legitimate, as they are exposed by their own self ambition.

Apostles, begin to rebuild and relaunch your networks and reformations.  What hasn’t worked when you tried to restructure before, will now begin to unfold before you.  Require training and teaching before affirmation takes place.  There are too many “pseudo” apostle’s in the earth causing problems and hindering those that have rightfully been processed and walk in the “fullness” of their call.

Revelation 2:2 talks about the false apostles in the earth.  Stop laying your hands on those that have not touched every ascension gift and have not been fully trained and processed.  Be sensitive to the seriousness of the call of the Apostle, the cup of suffering, the constant death daily to self for my glory to be revealed in my people.  This five fold gift will go under serious reconstruction as I prepare to use you for the end time leading of my people.  Many of you will feel a desire to repent for disobedience and laying hands “suddenly.”  Rededicate your ministries and yourselves to Me, saith The Lord.


As this gift continues reconstruction in 2015, many that have been laughed at and ridiculed for your desire to flow properly in me, will begin to see things shift as what is real, begins to go forth with power and demonstration – and what is false, being exposed and shunned by those that are able to discern and are not deceived begin to fade away. 

My people are beginning to discern between what is true, versus what is fake, so you will notice the crowds getting smaller, as people refuse to listen to the words of lying and deceitful prophets.

The false prophets desire for “profit” will continue to get exposed and it will cause some of them to come to repentance.  There are still many real prophets in the earth whom I have called and sent forth – none of them have yielded to filthy lucre and the desire for the lusts of the flesh.  You will know them by their fruit, their humility and their heart being turned towards me.

There are some of you who will team up with Apostles to receive training and structure in areas of ministry.  Some will team with Apostles to do conferences, revivals and schools.  Networks for prophetic training and schooling will birth this year and some will restructure what they are already doing to bring themselves in alignment with what I AM saying for this critical hour.

Schools and networks need to be planted by mature Apostles and Prophets, accurate in flow with ministries that have been proven and tested by My word.  New books and training manuals will be released as well as networks to strengthen, educate and train those that are in place so that they may be more effective and prepared for what is to come.

If you will yield your ministries fully to Me you will experience ministry flow like you have never seen before.  I am calling my true Prophets back to My heart and the heart of My people, saith The Lord.


I am raising up new evangelists to replace those who have already left the earth.  Mantles are in the atmosphere to work many miracles, signs and wonders and add souls to the church daily, bringing glory to me and not man. 

Evangelists who have a desire for souls and not open doors, are who I AM calling forth.  Whom shall I send?  Who shall go for us?  You cannot go unless I send you.  You will not win the lost unless my lovingkindness in you draws them to Me.

Many are lost and dying as hell enlarges itself daily.  Preach the truth of My word and not what will tickle the ears of the people.  The message of the evangelist is clear, and concise bringing conviction to the lost and reconciling man back to the one that created them. 

The ministry of reconciliation is the focus of the evangelist no matter where they are in the earth.  They have a hunger and desire for the lost soul like a barren woman desires a child.  They will go forth with power in this critical time, pricking the hearts of those that are in sin and showing them my plan of salvation.

Discipleship training is imperative as souls are won to my kingdom this year.  Winning the lost regardless of the cost is your mission as my mandate for your life is fulfilled in the earth.  Don’t let the cares of this life make you abort what you have been called to do.

Many souls will be added as you keep your heart turned towards me and your life rooted and grounded in my word.  Remember who called you forth, keep your mind stayed on me and you will not be uprooted by the evil one.  Keep your eyes on me and you will not be disappointed.  Stay planted and you will see my glory revealed in you, saith The Lord.


I AM calling My pastors back to Me, saith The Lord.  For many of you have gone in your own strength for too long and this has caused exposure, frustration and the scattering of My sheep.

Many of you are going forth without accountability, training and instruction from those who are seasoned in Me and this has caused abuse of My sheep, manipulation and other problems in My house.

The sheep are not yours but they are mine, saith The Lord.  The yoke that I have placed around your neck is easy and the burden I have given to you is light, so if the things you are encountering are more than you can handle, you have taken on a yoke by yourself that did not come from me.

Every leader is not called to mega ministry, so do not pattern your ministries after others, because that’s not what I have called you to do.  Don’t covet another man’s vineyard but be satisfied in the place and the level that I have called and positioned you to.  You have burnt yourselves out seeking vision that was not birthed from me and you have pursued what belongs to someone else stepping in territories that I have not called for you to enter into.

Come back to me and get your visions renewed and stamped for authenticity so that it can come to pass and bring glory to My name.  When you begin to seek my face with a pure heart you will see the glory of the latter will be greater than the former, restoration will begin and your land will be healed.

My glory shall be revealed within the Church that has pursued Me instead of their own glory and you will see that souls will be added as My name is lifted high,  saith The Lord.


Your position is vital to My kingdom in this critical time as things and seasons shift, the foundation of My people must remain steady and in place. 

Many are not aware of the plans of the evil one to deceive and discourage those that will choose my plan and purpose for their lives.  You will need to continue teaching foundational biblical truth.  This is not the time to get away from the teaching of My word, for I AM the word. 

Basic bible principles are needed, training in intercession, walking in love and recognizing myths, heresies and other deceptions and false doctrines that are being spread throughout the earth.  Basic principles will cause quick learning and growth.  Stick to the basics in your teaching and also offer higher levels of learning to those that desire the meat of My word.

Teaching the meat of My word to those who are strong enough and mature enough to receive it will give birth to acceleration and maturing in their walk with me causing advancement to other levels in ministry. 

Breakdown what is being preached from the pulpit for better understanding.

Expose false teachings, heresies, false religions and deceptions that are so rampant in the earth.  Your teaching will bring freedom to those held in captivity in their mind, will and emotions.  Bodies will be healed and mindsets will be changed by my power.  Those who are unlearned will gain strength and power and it will cause them to grow rapidly in me.

Discipleship training and teachings are needed for new converts who will come into My house.  Educate them on baptisms, basic bible knowledge, giftings, deceptions and giving. 

I need my teachers to come to Me so that they can know what is on My mind and on My heart.  Many deliverances will take place during teaching sessions as my power breaks and destroys the enemy’s yokes around the necks of My people and you will see My power in demonstration, saith The Lord.

Beware of unexpected warfare and attacks as you enter into 2015.  Don’t be blindsided by reality, walk in the power and authority that I have given you.  Don’t focus on the little things as the enemy tries to trick you in your mind, will and emotions.

This is a time to be grounded, saith The Lord, your light affliction is temporary but life changing.  Focus on My word.  Many deceptions have come in the earth to distract you and change your mind and your heart towards things that will cause you to doubt, become confused and not believe what my word is saying.  Many saints are being taken as they are ready to meet Me because some will not survive the tidal wave that will soon come.

Be sober in this hour and check around you.  Your freedoms are slowly being taken away from you without your knowledge.  Watch as well as pray.  Some of you are aware of this, but some of you are not.

I am guiding and showing many of you in dreams and visions what the evil one is planning underground where you don’t see.  Your ability to bear arms, your ability to defend yourself and your ability fight for the rights given to you by your forefathers are slowly disappearing before your eyes. 

Do not be ignorant of satans devices.  Some things that are hidden will be revealed this year and some things will remain hidden till the time has come.  For years you have been told to turn in your gold, precious metals and many things that are of value and worth to you for cash that will soon be worthless.  Do not be ignorant of what is really going on around you.

As the enemy prepares you prepare and prepare my people as well.  My judgement will continue to be released in measures as disasters, diseases continue and nations rise up against other nations. 

Many of you will find that your enemy is closer than you think, foes are many times in your own house and your betrayer will sometimes share your bed with you. 

Watch closely as well as pray.  I will continue to reveal the heart of man to you as exposure continues on every level.  Remember to pray without ceasing and avoid discouragement.  Warfare will be very direct so some things will require fasting and praying.  Guard your eyes, guard your ears, guard your heart, guard your mind and keep your tongue from causing disasters in your life.

Come to me and obtain mercy and compassion.  Come to me those of you who are burdened with the cares of this life and I will give you rest.  Revelation 3:20 says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.  If any man hears my voice and opens the door I will come into him and I will sup with him and he with me.”

I desire relationship with My people great and small on a deeper level.  I am calling My people to climb higher.  I want to fellowship with you so you can learn of Me for I AM your creator, I created you for My purpose.

Many of you will feel the desire to come closer and higher in Me.  I am waiting for you to seek me while I AM yet able to be found and to call on me while I AM near.  Remember that you are already positioned, walk in what i have instructed you to do.

If you need guidance, connect yourself to a shepherd who is after My heart.  If you are not able to spiritually discern and see, connect yourself to those who can see and hear from me.  Hear My voice and not the voice of a stranger and occupy yourselves with My work until I come,  saith The Lord your Redeemer.


Staying in his face,
~ Apostle Dr. Leina’ala Mars

Apostle Leina'ala MarsApostle Leina’ala Mars 



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