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  1. Oh my Daddy, You led me here. I am so moved, so touched by your Great love for me this day. I hear you as I read every word, as you are speaking only to me.
    I am so in awe, so amazed by your goodness, you see me, you know everything that is on my heart, you speak to me through your servant Deborah, for she is one of my favorites, for I hear you so well. What looks like a set back shall SUDDENLY be turned in your favor. Confirmation, as you have spoken this to me in Nov. 2016 Put your hope in My Strong Arm, Dear One.  Expect that SUDDENLY, you shall see My Word and promises made manifest in your life.  For the Blood of the Lamb has rescued you and My gentleness shall make you great. Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD of Hosts.
    Wow, Suddenly, am I expecting this week, turned into Favor. Yes, you have spoken it again that your Word and Promises will be made manifest into my life. The Lord, said he would make my name Great. I am expecting your suddenlies to manifest. Hallelujah !!!!! I love you Daddy, Abba, you are so Wonderful to me. Yes, and Amen!

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