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Returning to Our Essential Mission — 3 Comments

  1. The E II R, it’s the Master Coat as THE QUEEN of The U.K..!
    A True SERVANT to ♥♥♥THE FATHERS IN HEAVEN♥♥♥ since Her Childhoods.( Age 4th )
    She receive FATHERS SELAH’S constantly, for what SHE had Achieved & Archived in HER THRONE up to current days..!, FAITH..! and TRUST IN THE FATHERS..! AMÉN..!


    2 TI 3.16

    RO 10.9

    RV 1.18

    EPH 6.12

    GL 2.20

    JN 3.9-17

    MT 25

    PS 23

    RV 21

    1 JN 4

    JDE 1

    HEB 13

    2 TH 2

    1 TH 4

    2 CO 12

    1 CO 6

    RO 8

    LK 16

    MT 7

    DN 9 to 12

    AMÉN; SHALOM ..!

  2. I once was proven that the Queen is waiting for Jesus to return, she has a chair waiting for him to sit in, in one of her places.

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