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Rise Up On The Wind, LORD — 4 Comments

  1. Oh my, Gabrielle! I am just now reading this!

    I shouldn’t even be amazed how the Lord has us in harmony and one accord this day.

    I had just released an article ‘before reading this one’ this morning.

    It was about Rising on Eagles Wings. Glory to God!

    I absolutely love what you wrote.

    Pure praise!

    Love you sis. Many blessings from the Lord. Joyce

    • Dear Joyce!
      Ah the LORD always surprises me as well! And I never get tired of it.  I would love to read your article about Rising On Eagle’s Wings.  I have this desire to want to ride on an eagle with The LORD.  Truly!

      Have a blessed day and keep your eyes always on The LORD!
      Much love to you!


    • You very welcome! It is my new favorite psalm to sing to the LORD every morning and evening.

      Many blessings to you!


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