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Rising a Standard Against Demonic Waves! — 2 Comments

  1. May you read Psalm 93… Tonight after one more Sunday / Holiday work, shortly before leaving, the last patient / client asked me to read loud this psalm for him. He just randomly said number 93, and he never reads alone or knows the Holy Bible, only some parts of it. So he was surprised, and I was surprised, what is written there: If the waters rise and sweep in waves, GOD IS BIGGER than the waves ! And yes, one of my dearest sisters, the evil waves of this world were surrounding me undescribable, almost unbearable high during the last days. BUT GOD…. HE IS MY SHIELD OF PROTECTION. HIS GLORY I CAN SEE even in some places where no one would imagine, GOD shows up. Many believers are wholeheartedly waiting for His return. Even the birds, and the plants. All His creation eagerly awaits His Glory.

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