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Romancing the King — Advancing and Expanding the Kingdom! — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you Sandi for this beautiful love letter from our King, our redeeemer!!! It confirms the following words as we worship Him and press in to His presence the following happens:
    My heart has been breaking for My People, who are called by My Name, to receive My Love and be set on Fire with My Presence.

    For the world is perishing for a lack of Love and falling into the pit of compromise.

    I have come today to say, ‘Will you choose to be a Victor or will you continue to be a Victim?’

    The choice is yours!

    I love to be in His presence, for there He fights our battles and delivers us and gives us the victory!!! Also dancing before Him is a very powerful tool to do warfare against the enemy. Again much love to you and yours as always!!!

    • I receive all that love and blessing from you, dear MF, and I bless you in return. So glad this was so timely for you as you move forward to carry the flaming fire of His love to a lost and dying world. God’s best to you, my friend, Sandi

    • Good morning, Pam. It is my joy to hear and share the heart of the Father God and how He longs to see us walk in our identity, our call and advance the Kingdom on earth. He so desires for us to know truth, embrace truth, and walk it our His way as we expand His Kingdom to a lost and dying world. God richly bless you, Sandi Holman

  2. Oh, Sandi!  Thank you so much for posting this beautiful and refreshing prophecy from the Lord!  After 25 years of being in a wilderness, I know that I am at a point of convergence of God restoring all things to me and truly walking into my promised land in every area of my life.  The Holy Spirit has brought such freedom to my mind and I have been experiencing so much peace lately.  “Will you choose to be a Victor or will you continue to be a Victim?” spoke volumes to me.  2024 truly is the year for everything to change for the Bride!  God bless you 1000 fold!

    • How very exciting Alison. Thank you so much for sharing. What an amazing you have before you! I rejoice with you. I so appreciate your blessing and I receive it with so much thanksgiving!! Sending love from the Father, Sandi

  3. I echo Maranatha: half way through I thought “to whom shall I go? Lord, You alone have the words of eternal life”. Lord You are the Way, the Truth, the Life! King of Kings, Lord of Lords! Savior of the World! Son of God! Son of man! My Deliverer! My Healer!
    I look to You Lord! And only You!
    Thank You Jesus!
    Thank you Sandi!

    • Good evening, my friend, Marc. He is truly our ALL in ALL, the lover of our soul, the provider,
      our best friend, our rescuer, our deliverer, our soon coming King. I sing praises to your name, O Lord. I say thank your Marc for your input. We give Him all the glory. Sending His hope for tomorrow, His blessings for today and His love that never ends,

  4. Signore, da chi andrò? Tu solo hai parole di Vita eterna!

    [ HKP : “Lord, to whom shall I go? You alone have the words of eternal Life! ♡♡♡” ]

    • Amen, Robert E..good to hear from you! Yes it is time to move into the fullness! Many blessings, my brother, Sandi

  5. Good beautiful Day Sandi!! :)
    The other morning, after a very long night of very dark dreams, I asked the Lord what that was all about, and He answered me straight away with a voice that thundered, and He said, and I quote, “MY Truth will CRUSH Babylon!!!”
    This Word spoken here is so imperative and very on-time!! There is a Remnant who’ve already been to the crossroads and chosen, and many screamed, “I CHOOSE JESUS CHRIST!!” And have paid a very dear price. But nothing near the Price our Lord paid for our Freedom! :)
    I love the encouragement I’ve been given by Him through you. Yours are truly beautiful feet spreading The Good News!!
    Bless Your beautiful heart Sandi!!

    • Dear Cherish, It is indeed a beautiful day here after horrible lightning, clashing horrible storn all night here. I always appreciate your input and I agree we as His remnant have already been in some testing and trials and as you so well said, His truth shall crush Babylon. We, being part of the Truth moving forward, hoipefully are prepared and ready for what is coming. Abundant blessings, dear one. Sandi

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