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  1. Thank you brother sooooo much.  I have felt the Lord was telling me to be silent unless I knew it was Him speaking through me, but I let the devil tell me that was wrong and just keep on binding and claiming in the name of Jesus, in spite of no positive results.  From now on I will wait on the Lord and not do anything without Him!

  2. Thank you for confirmation brother,I am joyed of knowing what you received by our Lord,I am so joyed and teared at this word,thank you

  3. Thanks Bruce. Greetings from Spokane.

    The number 57(5780) has some great meaning too in relation to Pey.
    50 = NUN = Life (Fish) + Joshua the son of Nun.
    7 = Zayin = weapon, sword, Rev 1:16; 19:15 and the root = sustenance, nourishment, i.e. Bread>Jn 6:41-58>CF NUN and Life, Fish and Loaves and Fishes.
    Zayin also represents the Vav, (Christ The Peg used in the Tabernacle, and our Mediator/In-between, receiving and giving Light to the World) that is crowned returning Light/Glory, to
    Hebrew For Christians also quotes this Jewish saying: “just as a woman of valor is the crown of her husband, so Zayin, the Seventh letter, is the crown of Vav.”
    This reminds me of Ps 45; SOS 6:10; Rev 3:11; Rev 19:7-8.

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