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Run Into the LORD’s Arms — 3 Comments

  1. thank god for putting kelley here thank you for the word of god it touch me there are times when you could have people around you and still feel alone but theres a crying in my spirit, i do want change in my life for my walk with god my yahway to do it his way amen god bless you in everything you do!!!!

  2. Thank You Father that this the Hour of Restoration that You have promised us in your word! We know that you are watching over your word to perform it & we are in Great expectation of the great & Many turnarounds and Suddenlies that we are NOW about to experience any day Now- because of your Amazing love for us. Thank you Lord for Saving, Healing, Delivering, Reviving, Reconciling & Restoring Us.  YES, We want to be One with You! Again, Thank You Abba Father-for we know that you are watching over your word to perform it in Jesus Name! AMEN’

  3. Dear Kelley, Thank you for your heartfelt encouragement. Your messages are always uplifting. Yours is a pure heart that seeks after the Lord. You are a real blessing from the Lord.

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