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  1. The Lord was gracious to give me a key or fresh manna for those that cant do anything humanly possible for the circumstances they are in. Like Paul and Silas in prison. The key is to know He is wiyh you right there and to trust He is for you not against you and that He will miraculously make a way out for you and those with you…trust the truth about God and that He will get you out when He wants you out. No question. Trust Him. HIS LOVE FOR YOU. HIS FAITHFULNESS AND START TO MAKE HIM GREAT, big. Lift Him up. Praise Him. THANK HIM. WORSHIP HIM. GLORIFY HIM. SING PRAISES TO HIM. SOON HE WILL SEND HIS MIRACLES AND AHOW HIS AWSOME DEEDS! He will send a earthquake and open the prison doors of all in these circumstances and your praise and confirmation of His faithfulness and might will even impact others in same situations that you know of…God will set you free and He will even show the world Who He is and even save the lost around you. He will do this to show that if He wants to help and do something that nothing is too hard for Him and that He wants His name to go forth through His servants and His people. They need to be out preaching and doing what He sent them to so. Praise God alone! So now every day…worship Him and know He will send the miraculous earyhquakes and ways out and set His captives free in Jesus Christ name. As we do it, we will experience open soira flinging open for His people everywhere around the globe as He will do what He wants to do. Our worship in our difficult circumsrances will open doors and set us free of bondages etc …for us and others in such circumstances in the body of Christ to His glorification and our help and deliverance and breaking forth into His plans for us. Amen Amen Amen Amen!

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