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Satan’s Assignment in This Hour — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you Veronica; my current breakthrough was with my husband meaning focusing on repenting of MY mistakes rather than his :} We truly are in unity now in spite of our many failures.
    This goes for my “out there” sister who has and is drawing closer to Christ and myself in spite of again our many failures; we pray this occurs with my son and his family, too. Who cares about vaccines? We all make our choices and live out the consequences…we choose to love each other inspite of our differences. In Jesus most precious name we pray amein and amein.

  2. AYES & AMEN! Such Confirmation!  Lord please forgive us of our sins Father please Make Haste to take out the stony hearts and give us a heart of flesh-that Will cause us to walk in Humility, Love, & repentance with an unwavering Commitment to put aside our personal differences and self seeking agendas for the greater good of God’s Kingdom-from the Greatest to the least of us, from the richest to the poorest, All ethnicities & including those in politics & to sum it up- Lord do a work in All of Mankind to the Gory of God‼️☝️

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