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Satan’s Database — 2 Comments

  1. I am one is without EXCUSE
    No matter lies, wrongful discord to discard…any wrongdoings in GOD’S view and is recorded from heaven to the very hairs on head to toes. We are watched, DAILY by mankind and the LORD. Good vs EVIL unleash DAILY believe me GOD has it on RECORD.

    This MESSAGE proves we are NOTHING but as filthy rages. A REMINDER: WE need 2get it together☝☝☝⏰⌚⏰⌚

  2. A lying tongue.. must be what is used against me and blocking my anointing because I believe in God’s anointing over my life. May Our Heavenly Father deliver me. And may the Holy Spirit guide my far away for this sinful nature.. from Big to little lies. AMEN!

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