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Scotland: A Serious Prophetic Warning! — 4 Comments

  1. regarding the thistle and the rose no longer being in the same garden and a separation taking place. This confirms the prophecy I got some years ago ago regarding the latter and also the shamrock.
    This is just part of it……”In my garden there will be nothing broken and nothing overshadowed. I am restoring all things as they were in the beginning and my shamrock will be as it was and it will be healed. Everything will be free, nothing will dominate. There will be no lordly flowers or imperial flowers in my garden, every flower will bow down to me Jehovah, for I am to be the sunshine in the garden and every flower will be equal in my sight.”
    I also got a vision of the 4 nations of Scotland, England, Wales and a united Ireland and their 4 national flags were flying over them ( no union Jack) Over them I saw Jesus on a white horse with a white flag and on his thighs !King of kings and Lord of Lords”
    For further updates see website……scotia prophetic ministrty.com

  2. I hope independence never happens as one who is very Scottish but believes in the unity of the United Kingdom. Whilst I am not a racist, never in a million years did I ever think that the SNP party wouldvote for a Muslim Scottish First Minister over a Christian SNP member. Churches here are closing due to congregations dwindling, my own included although outreach in communities is working well.  We must all pray Scottish independence will never happen.

  3. We spent 6 years as a family living in Edinburgh and left in 2008 and returned to Australia. My children were born in Scotland (Glasgow & Edinburgh) so it is very close to my heart.
    On the 15/11/21, I woke in the night feeling distressed. I ‘heard’ 3 words only & they woke me up. ‘Edinburgh, Edinburgh, Edinburgh’. It was heavy & nothing else came. I feel it was significant but still unsure why but certainly felt like a warning.

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