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  1. Wonderful!  The Lord works in mysterious ways as there is now to be a new first minister appointed.  May the new leader follow our Lord and with His help bring unity to our country. Better and strength together!

    • The new leader Yvonne speaks of will not be a political figure but a spiritual one.
      The next first minister will be well versed in their agendas against the freedoms and rights of the Scottish people.
      Just like for whole of UK, a hindu was installed who worships false gods.

      • Our so called PM STOLE THE POSITION, IT WAS NOT AN ELECTION but an orchestrated attack. SO HE HAS NO MANDATE OR LEGAL AUTHORITY!  He is a globalist and therefore is a puppet.  God is exposing all the evil and bringing those who refuse to repent down.

  2. Yvonne, thank you for this word.
    You are correct, Scotland and England are to reunite in their hearts.
    God has me of Scots-Irish parents (my ancesteral clan Dalriata brought over the stone of destiny to Scotland) but I was born/adopted in England so have English accent.
    Now live in Scotland and God has placed on me the task to bring both Scottish and English together, I am close to border but rural, with alternative routes to get to another place shown to me by apocalyptic Iosa.
    I am PRAYING FOR WARRIOR EAGLES to move into the house next door on private estate.

    My landlords are part of elite, royal connections. I believe the man landlord is a big player to come in the end days, God wants him back into His fold. Hes called David funnily enough, but he has blue eyes, I have green but am a woman, so will keep an eye out lol, for the leader you mention.
    I have been relentlessly attacked since being here both spiritually and by the neighbours

    We have a golden eagle on the estate and he is called Elijah :)

    If anyone feels this is a call to them, please try contact me. The connections are deep, but the plan will be to exodus, I have two spare comprehensive kits for those financially unable to buy their own bug out gear.


    • Gods chosen people from England, possibly Wales even, will be guided here, and we will move as one body in Christ throughout this land, under His protection and miracles will happen.

      We will be united brethren once again, as the ancient House of Israel, just as Robert the Bruce said we were in the Declaration of Arbroath.

      Then we will see Aird Ri Iosa in all His Glory

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