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Scrambling the Enemy’s Radar — 12 Comments

  1. Mark you truly a man of God, just waiting for the arrest of all corrupt people in the government. Bless you brother, may the Lord continue giving you word of encouragement for us all.

  2. Almighty Father in Jesus’ name save us this day by your right hand. Save your good harvest and rid this land of the evil that dwells to devour your faithful servants. Amen

  3. I have been listening to Mark for years. I remember sharing and telling people, just wait these prophecies will come true! Sure enough. Mark the people hear what your saying now and God willing we will be waiting for more of God’s prophecies
    Thank you Mark for answering the call!
    God Bless
    Barbara Ruffner

  4. Awake in California!  I would love to talk to you brother!

    Fwd: Fwd: Fwd:

    Shot this several days ago and it has been popular and received well.  Not very good quality but got my truth out there.

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