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Season of the Bride/ Wife — 4 Comments

  1. Love this word!  We hear much about the bride, but oh so little about the Lamb’s wife!  Every married woman can tell you the difference between being a bride and a wife! Jesus Himself said ‘I have come to be about My Father’s business‘ , and being the Lamb’s wife means that being one with Him, that is our heart also.

  2. We are the Wife…in Christ NOW! – Powerful revelation of Bride of Christ! The great mystery Moved from Bride to Wife bc of our consummation In Christ we are married! AND submitted to Him. The True Church of Jesus Christ – Now! Amen.

    • Amen! That is also my understanding. From the very moment you did hear His voice and decided to follow no other voice, then you if you continue in obeying Him alone, became His true wife. All time before that moment was only the preparation of marrige.

      The verse says “these are the true words of God” which means that those who are invited to the marriage are true living walking words of God.

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