Secrets, Targets and Words of Wisdom


Being well aged doesn’t mean you have wisdom.  Yes even though you have gray hair, it doesn’t declare wisdom!

Well. aged in God is like the long process that it takes to develop fine wine.  The process of exquisite wine takes time and various stages of development.  For example, one stage that seems to take forever, takes place in a dark cellar life many years.

Another example of being well aged in God’s way is:  Once planted, how long does it takes the fruit tree to bear fruit?

It takes time to develop fruit.  There are so many seasons of pruning and tended.  Then there are the seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall.  So much time it has taken to produce a fruitful tree.

One year, the tree benefited so much from all the preparations that in harvest time that tree was so heavy, the branches touched the ground!  Being like fruit trees that are heavy with fruits speak for all to learn!

The end result is that we become heavy with the fruits of the Spirit and the good fruits of the Kingdom.  These are things that are produced through us as we learn along the way.

Being well aged in God comes when “HE” says you’re ready.  You cannot hurry the progress; each year, week, day even hour and second are part of the Master’s hand and planned.

Be not hasty and miss the way!  Anything worthwhile in “God’s kind of life” is worth the life lesson they teach us.

We must learn how to yield to the Holy Spirit regardless of what people say and think.  There are those who would grab on to you and hold on to you for they want YOU!

They want you AND what you represent.  You cannot allow friends, family or anyone do this to you.

I call these sucker shoots that need to clipped off.  Let no man, woman and or child ever keep you from loving and grabbing onto God with all your heart.

People that try to gain and maintain control is a very prevalent problem in all parts of the body of Christ.  Those that are targeted, especially those that carry God’s anointing for greatness are targeted by the enemy.

These try to control and manipulate using empathy to gain access to your gifts and good graces.  These seek to hijack authority by their behaviors.

Some behaviors like manipulation and control, when these see the gifts working in you get envious.  They don’t realize themselves in most cases what they really want is YOU!

They also want what you represent along with what pseudo authority and power you have over people!  These usually have no idea what they are doing, but feel if you are doing it surely they can do it too.  Not so!!!!

I have seen it over and over; people see the anointing and try to get up close and personal.  These make themselves indispensable, and the enemy, through the deceit, is able to get in to stop the flow of the Spirit of God.

God has His destiny for you!  When you need to starting mounting up like eagles with the LORD, you must prepare for hindrances.

I see many hands; those who are seeking to grab you in anyway they can with nets and ropes to keep you earth bound and bound up.  You will find very few who will mount up and break through with the LORD.

However, in the mounting up phase, there are those who are eager and wanting enough that these begin to rely on you and want what you have.  So much drama and misunderstandings litter the way of excellence in soaring with the LORD.

People are unhappy and impatient so much they will seek to make the minister their protege!  They want to take your place!

There is no room for petty jealousy, envy, strife and contention.  We have to grow up and be under God’s hand, will and those leaders he chose to teach you along the way.

Who can teach us what is reliable in God.  We all have gifts differing from each other.

Why would a person want your gift when they have their own?  We cannot allow such petty, immature souls have once inch.

Whenever there is strife and contention there is every evil work.  Babies have no comprehension of much of their place in God.  He places them where they will receive the sincere milk of the LORD.

We have seasons we all must go through.  However as we learn seasons, the time will come to fly once you learn all the aspects to flying.

“Press in and up beloved!  Face these various levels as you mount up with me, says the LORD.

I hear all sorts of clamor and all those hands trying to gain control of what I have put into your hands.

The mounting process happens in your prayer and warfare.  Let nothing or no one keep or hinder your destiny in ME!  Shake it off!”  says the LORD.


In HIS Grace and Mercy,
~ Sherry Edwards Mackey

Sherry Edwards Mackey imageSherry Edwards Mackey
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