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Seducing Spirits Tell You Half Truths! — 1 Comment

  1. Good summary of Holy Scriptures about shepherds. I want to add a chapter, Ezekiel 34. This is a remarkable chapter about, how far the shepherds have gone, when only looking for their own wellbeing, for their private houses, and the flock runs without leader widespread around, so that wolves have an easy game. A good shepherd goes out to take 1 lost sheep home. What meanwhile do the other 99 ? I am sure that a good shepherd does not allow that the 99 mock over the one.
    I do not compare myself with a lost sheep. And I do not say that I am a shepherd. Church pastors have a hard and heavy job in these last days, where even CHRIST-ians hearts are so cold, so finger pointing. Worldwide the flock is now widespread on the internet. This is such a chance to share THE WORD OF GOD for those who usually don’t take a look into a Bible. So there is a cloud of witnesses (Bible tells) and we all must ask ourselves if WE are cold and if WE truly LOVE. When JESUS CHRIST is our head, so we are not all the “head”. We are called the Body of Christ.
    For me the best place where I know who I am, and who HE is, is on my knees.

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