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  1. i have never heard that song before and i was being filled with power i began singing it infront of my partner because he knows i love singing scripture when i read it instead of reading it and then we heard the song together and it was similiar but i sang it softer,,,Praise God Sister Deborah for this word spoken through you in His goodness given you.Amen

  2. That’s amazing!

    And may I add, speaking of “spoken, roaring, singing, etc, the 17th letter of the Hebrew aleph-bet is PEY. “PEY means Mouth, and by extension WORD” Its pic looks like a mouth. The Hebrew sages say that there is a hidden BET within the written letter PEY. BET represents “SON”(BEN) and we know The SON Is The LOGOS of GOD, Who Was Hidden In The Bosom of The Father(ALEPH). Jn 1:1(1+1=2=the letter BET) and Jn 1:18. Totals for this can be 19 or 1×18=18. Add those two, 18+19=37,Lamed(30) means “staff, goad” as a Shepherd might use with sheep, and then came to also mean “learn and teach”. Meaning of 7,Zayin, is below.

    Eph. 6:17 Put on salvation as your helmet, and take the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

    “WORD” in that verse is RHEMA, i.e. YHVH’s SPOKEN WORD

    6 = VAV, and represents MAN(and other things i.e. Christ,hook,peg,spike), 17 = YOD(10)YOD’s pic looks like an arm or hand + ZAYIN(7) Zayin means “weapon or sword” and its pic looks like a sword. ZAYIN’s root word means “nourishment,sustenance”.
    I believe we see the two meanings of ZAYIN explained in Matthew 4:4, where Jesus “parries” the devil’s attack, of misquoted scripture, by Saying and Using “The Sword of The Spirit, which is The Word/Rhema, of GOD.

    Matthew 4:4 “But Jesus told him, “’No! The Scriptures say,
    ‘People do not live by bread alone,
    but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’”

    17,000 is also 17 1000’s. 1000 is the second value, #1 is the first, for ALEPH, which represents The Father.

    ***Letters, with their meanings and values, from Hebrew For Christians.

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