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See with Eyes of the Spirit! — 5 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, that my family and I shall recover all!!  The enemy shall NOT gloat over me.  Amen.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your divine care
    Sometimes people like to say about others in tough situations: Now she/he realize what life is really about. In oops situations: Now, we see what kind of person she/he really is. Yes. We have a brain that fights everything that says, “I am not ok. I have flaws. I did wrong. I look bad. I am not good enough”. The real life however, which is going to be forever, is all the time we spend with the Lord of truth, because the Lord is the way and truth and life.
    Friends care for each other and talk with each other with caring words. Although it all seems Christ-like, and all is good, sometimes, we ought to check out the subjects if it is in fact something the Lord Himself would say, I know I ought to do that sometimes myself. Our friendships are gifts from God as all things, so it is important to administer those with honor as all honor belong to the Giver our God.
    As the Lord says, honor each other, especially those God anointed. That means whatever happens honor the elders. Also, honor those who are older. So. I say forgive me when I offended you in any way at any time, meaning well is love too, and teaching and warning is love. But. We are to tell what the Lord is saying in the time appointed. Telling the truth for us however, is forgive and forget the former things before speaking but watch as God is creating new things, because He truly does. God bless you all and thank you. Lucia Ludvigsen

  3. The battle has been fierce… I’m hanging on by a string…. but GOD IS UNSHAKEABLE… His decrees IRREVERSIBLE. So my eyes are fixed on Him as I watch the horizon for RESTORATION OF ALL THE ENEMY TOOK! I have pursued, about to overtake, soon to recover all. God has commanded it. Thank You my awesome Father. ❤️

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