Seed Time and Harvest


“While the earth remaineth, SEED TIME and HARVEST, and COLD and HEAT and SUMMER and WINTER and DAY amd NIGHT SHALL NOT CEASE,”  (Genesis 8:22).

Why are most believers poor?  This question has been a burden to me for some years now.

We have been taught that the way to prosperity, is GIVING.

I have seen people spend ample time in FASTING and PRAYERS.  These too are good, but these three CANNOT make you financially rich!

The Church today is different from the bible, so it becomes imperative that we DO NOT just coast along, but STOP to READ, STUDY and MEDITATE on the Word of God for guidance!

This teaching will cause a lot of RAISED EYEBROWS.  But its okay.

Can I tell you something that worries me the most?   ‘I AM GETTING FED UP WITH WHAT WE CALL CHURCH, and MOST KIND OF MINISTERS WE HAVE TODAY!’

I see people come in ministry for many reasons, only God knows who is in it, out of Pure love for HIM, or for THINGS!

Many people have ROBBED, RAPED and ABUSED the Church of Jesus Christ and in doing so have ENRICHED themselves in the process!  They turn the House of God into their own personal business by exploiting God’s blood bought people of the little they have left!  They have abnormally used the scriptures for their own selfish desires and the people just float along!  A floating fish is a dead fish.

You are NOT a dead fish!  Start to THINK, else you SINK and STINK!

What does God mean when He said to Noah, ‘SEED TIME and HARVEST’?

It is pertinent to know that it rained floods upon the earth for 40 whole days and for 150 days (apparently 5 months) the flood was on the earth.  The flood covered all the earth and buried all mountains.  Vegetation died upon the face of the earth.  When Noah came out of the ark, he realised that everything on the earth surface were dead.  This was a challenge.   I can imagine the face of Noah, despair, discouragement and the likes.

The once green surface now turned pale and bald.  “Where is he to start from?”, was the question on his mind.  God had to step in to tell him how the earth is programmed to work.

AS LONG AS THIS EARTH REMAINS, SEED TIME (Planting time) will always precede HARVEST TIME!

What does this mean?  Giving?  Hmmm not actually in this context, but PLANTING (INVESTMENT).  Noah had given a burnt sacrifice to God and God taught him the key to plenty.

He told Noah to invest in farming!  Our Givings opens us up to INSPIRED IDEAS!

God loves a cheerful giver, but He wants you to control the earth by having an investment.  This was what happened to Noah.  If you keep giving and there is no avenue through which God can in turn bless you, how can He truly bless you?

I will bless the LABOUR OF YOUR HANDS!  God is not a MAGICIAN!  He is God, and has given us the Key.

God is a God of principles.  Believers have allowed men to use the bible to exploit them.  You must know that money NEEDS TO FUNCTION AS A SEED!  When you PLANT (INVEST) it, it will begin to be productive to you!

God does not have a money printing machine in heaven waiting to give you when you pray.  He rather gives us the POWER, INTELLECT, WISDOM and IDEAS and these are the abilities to create more money.

You remember the parable of the talents?  Some of the servants traded with their talents and they made some additional more.

Don’t get deceived, If you have no investment, you will remain as you are.  You will become the pauper in the poem of J P Clarke.

The pauper was sitting on the fence with eyes looking in all direction and no direction and in the end began to eat his finger!  The Church is supposed to be a CENTRE FOR KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION not a den of thieves who MILK the ignorant of their money in the name of giving!


Get good books on the money subject and READ!  You cant just be a dreamer alone: every dreamer who is not a worker is a JOKER!!!


~  by Mark Cyril

Pastor Mark Cyril Author, teacher, motivational and conference speaker, Pastor Mark Cyril is the international President of CYRIL MARK WORLD EVANGELISM – an independent ministry taking the message of the cross across the Nations turning many in their numbers to salvation through Jesus Christ. He is also the Senior Pastor of Revelation Apostolic Community; an apostolic and Prophetic Word based ministry in Abuja the capital city of Nigeria – West Africa.


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  1. But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. 2Pet.3:8

    That includes the Days of Noa;

    “…For yet seven days, (7000 years) Gen.7:4

    “…And he stayed yet other seven days (7000years) Gen.8:10

    “…And he stayed yet other seven Days(7000 years) Gen.8:12

    They went into ‘the ark’ unclean(mixed, hybrids) and went out clean, after their kind;

    “…whatsoever creepeth upon the earth, after their kinds, went forth out of the ark Gen.8:19