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Seeking the Counsel of God — 8 Comments

  1. Marietta,
    Holy Spirit wants you to know you can have ALL of Him.
    He wants you to know whatever you lack or need, you can withdraw it from Him, just ask.
    “I Wisdom will make the hours of your day more profitable & the years of your life more Fruitful.” Proverbs 9:11
    You are more than a conqueror & are His delight, so declare, I entwine my heart with Yours, I line my mind, will & emotions up with You, now take over in Jesus name…

  2. Please forgive us Father, for the times we have stepped ahead of You. We repent and invite you Spirit of Counsel. You are welcome to interrupt our thoughts day or night. We choose this day to acknowledge You in all our ways so that You will direct our paths. Help us to not run ahead of You nor fall behind, but to be in step with Your Spirit. Please continue to make us sensitive to Your still small voice, in Jesus’ name, amen.

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