Self Harming the Body of Christ

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Receive Your Prophet!

Prophecy, is God putting in the mouth of the Prophet, the release of the manifestation of what was already created for you!  Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there!

Speak it.  The creative power of God is in your mouth!  God is about to send you a Prophet to speak!

Respecting Others – Realtalk

When God sends an Apostle or Prophet into a region where there are other established Apostles or Prophets, it’s not because those persons were inadequate.  

It just means that what was taking place in that region was beyond their sphere of authority and spiritual jurisdiction, or their voice had become dull to the people and they no longer were able to receive from them, so God had to send a fresh voice in to shift the people and region for the new thing He wants to do.

If leaders can stop being intimidated by each other, and learn how to embraced each other and their diverse anointings, we will see a great impact of change, restoration and spiritual revival, that can change the spiritual climate of a region or nation.

Our problem is, WE have not learned how to RESPECT the assignment of each other and allow God to raise up and use who He wants without us getting attitude.

We don’t know how to effectively submit one to another, to see the up building of God’s Kingdom, because we are too prideful and selfish.  It takes nothing from your calling, anointing and mandate, to be able to honor, respect and encourage, somebody whom God is using at certain seasons.

We don’t know how to humble ourselves, to the will of God, when it involves us working with somebody else.  We want to be the one who sits in the king’s chair and give everybody orders, instead of taking the low seat, and joining in unity with those God is using to bring change.

People who are sure of who they are, and the calling on their lives, never feel threatened or intimidated by anybody else.  We should be able to recognize the favor and anointing that’s upon somebody life for the season, and come together and work.

Often people start off with the right attitude, until somebody starts being recognized more than them.

One thing I’m not, is intimidated by anybody else.  Anointed people will come to my services, conferences, revivals and if God speaks and says they have a Word for the people, I give them the floor to obey God.

A secure mature Kingdom minded leader never becomes jealous or envious of another person.  They understand that God has anointed each person personally, and that He may call on whomever He wants to speak to His people.

We have to learn how to step out the way and allow the will of God to take place.  I have been scheduled to speak at revivals and conferences and will recognize that the anointing is upon somebody else, and will tell the leader, just let God have His way!

Intimidation and Jealousy is not part of the character of the anointing.

Men and Women of God, in case you forgot, God can use more than you.  So perhaps you forgot, and I need to seriously remind you, that YOU NOT THE ONLY ONE ANOINTED!

Unity Respect Honor Obedience are necessary, if we are going to work together in these last days!

Self Harming the Body of Christ

Some of the greatest harm WE have done in the Body of Christ, comes from us jumping to conclusions, judging things from our carnal mindset, releasing venomous words of anger, speaking from our emotions, becoming jealous of somebody else elevation blessing prosperity, being envious of another person influence in ministry.

We often times have open our mouths and lashed out at someone, because we yet suffer from some spiritual, emotional, or mental abuse or hurt, that we have been through.

Often times we harbor bitterness in our hearts that shows up each time we think we have been hurt, or we feel like somebody has done us an injustice.

Many people have destroyed godly and ordained connections, because they carry a chip on their shoulder, or they are so suspicious of people, they can’t trust anybody, even when the person shows them love and care.

Some people are so emotionally broken, until they look for reasons to sabotage any relationship, or they push anybody away, who reaches out to them.

When you find persons who always think people are trying to hurt them, or harm them, you are dealing with a person who is wounded in their soul and mind.  Wounded vessels have delusional mind sets and are dangerous, because they live in a state of false imaginations.

They create illusions of attacks and harm against them when in reality, they are dealing with painful memories that they won’t acknowledge or face, concerning pass issues in their lives.

They go through life with a spirit of offense and even when they are confronted about their behavior or attitude, they will viciously attack the person who tries to help them overcome their unspoken issues.

Some of the worst persons I have encountered in ministry, are leaders who deal with the spirit of offense and who have unresolved pains.  These persons are difficult to truly form a relationship with, because you have to walk on pins and needles around them, or you have to be on guard concerning your actions and speech, because you don’t know what will set them off.

Dealing with wounded leaders is very time consuming, because people with positions and titles never want to face the truth about themselves.  They constantly voice out that their ungodly behavior and questionable attitude is justified, because they been hurt by somebody in leadership, or by those who lead.

They refuse to acknowledge that they need healing or deliverance, because they are anointed and are being used by God.

The greatest victory I have obtained besides receiving salvation and the Holy Ghost, was when I was released from the toxic emotions that had mentally and spiritually twisted my mind attitude and behavior.

Deliverance from offense, bitterness, pain and myself, was one of the greatest things that took place in my life.  When that happened, my life took a total change and I became HAPPY!

So for those in leadership who walk in offense, wounds, hurts and pain, not only are you hurting yourselves, but you are hurting everybody around you with your actions!

My words to you today is FREE YOURSELF!

Take time to truly get the freedom you need. I  know I did and it has brought me to the place I am in now.  A place of PEACE!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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