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Sensing the Future as Seen in Nature — 1 Comment

  1. The trees in the Bible represent family trees and nothing else. Family trees are built from DNA building blocks. This makes ‘houses’. If one search the hebrew origin words one can see that this is true.
    From where if not from spiritual revelation and insight in God’s Word did the idea came to human to call ourselves parts of family trees?

    From where did the idea came to human to roll out a red carpet before royalties if not from insight in God’s Word that the King DNA comes by the blood, just as Jesus says.

    From where if not from revelation of God’s Word did the idea came to human to call royal blood ‘blue’ despite no one has blue blood if not from God who says that you shall take a ‘blue ribbon and wrap it around your arm’ (as the jews do)which is exactly why our blood in our veines looks ‘blue’ from outside.

    God calls the Bible ‘the book of Life’ and indeed the creation of Life is also what it is about. 

    There is a reason why creator has made the placenta to look exactly as a tree because He says He created us deep in the earth and by that we receive a revelation about what the parable of ‘earth’ means in His Word.

    If one study the origin Hebrew words diligently one can also see that ‘the heavens’ are several words put together into one word and without making a long explanation about that it means ‘hearing God diligently’.

    Those were the ones He created before the fall, the heavens, those who hears and obeys God.

    From this one can understand that it is a new ‘human’ which shall be created and not the ‘planet’ earth.

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