Setting the House in Order


There are some things about angels we don’t often talk about.  We know that they are ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation.  Many of us know about the Angel of the Lord, and we have some understanding about angels who are good, and angels who are bad.

We have talked about the many things they all do and there are many written accounts of their actions.  We all have our own angel.  But God has Angels that do a different kind of work.  They carry out His orders, to the fullest; they can sweep across continents and make things happen.

There’s a situation Ezekiel dealt with; it had to do with many people within the Holy City, who were doing great wickedness (Ezekiel 9).  In the Spirit, the Lord showed this great prophet, what He was about to do.  In the Spirit, the prophet saw God call forth six men.  One, had an inkwell, or horn.  He told this man to go throughout the city and place a mark on the forehead of all those who were crying out over the wickedness that was going on in the city.  He did.  He then told the others, to sweep through the entire city and to destroy all those who did not have that mark upon them.  It was quite similar to the Pass Over story.  All those without that mark, were dealt with.

There is a seal on those who are of the Kingdom of God.  We may not often think about it, but all of the forces of the enemy, know who they are.  It’s why we might be tested and driven to places that only prayer and the act of trusting God will save us, but those forces can only go so far.

Jesus Christ prophesied some things, that most of our persuasion did not count for much, or simply chose not to believe.  He said that in the end times, He was going to send forth His angels and remove certain things out of His kingdom.  Not from the kingdom of darkness; but from His kingdom; before He returns.  It’s all of those who offend and cause harm to His church.

There are those who are weeping over things they are seeing in the Church.  They cry out to God, they pray unceasingly and they agonize over the injustices they see in God’s house.  They often aren’t allowed to speak up or voice their concern; so they tell it to the Lord in private.  They see a lost and dying world which desperately needs the message of redemption.   They grieve for those who have been lost among them; whether they failed somehow or were pushed out in some way.

They wail, long hours into the night in their spirits; for sheep, whom no one is searching for.  From every forgotten place, in caves of trials and byroads of hiding, they groan and mourn for Christ to come and make things right.  They have a seal.

We don’t know much about the book of Revelation.  We don’t understand the times; what’s already come to pass and what is in the future.  We do know, that God is going to do some things, even before the end of this time.  He will get our attention.  He will iron out the wrinkles and clean up the spots; His angels are already moving and working in ways we cannot even see.

The Church will be taken from the Earth before the great wrath of God is poured out; I do believe that.  But Christ, is not coming back for a sick bride, one full of pride, unconcern, powerless and even lukewarm.  Those who are hurting others, those who deny His leadership and power, those who have driven out His sheep, those who have not gone out to search for the missing, will be dealt with.

It’s already begun.  These angels, will spare those who are crying out for God to intervene.  They will again, pass over, those who have true love and compassion, on their faces.


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Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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