Sex in Marriage

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Honor in Leadership

The greatest honor that anybody can give their leader, is the ability to harvest what they have imparted into their lives and grow beyond the borders of their leadership.

Having students to advance to leaders with the capacity to effectively train and teach others, is the goal of those in leadership.

Seeing those who develop become productive and successful in their purpose and mandate, is a real joy for a leader.

Our saddest thing, is to watch those whom we have taken our time and to impart and pour into not, develop or grow beyond their initial baby stage of development.

To a leader seeing this, it would seem to them that either the leader has failed their assignment with the person, or they have wasted valuable time and resources on somebody who didn’t want to obtain their goal and purpose in life.

Sometimes in leadership I can be very structured and maintain a dimension of excellence that causes people to sometimes call me hard.  I’m adamant about order, obedience, humility and honor, and building character and integrity into people.

The gifts are easy to deal with, but getting people to surrender their will to God and to be broken before Him, takes patience.

I’m excited this morning because of those who are hungry to learn more.  To be able to sit down with those assigned to you and just pour your knowledge and wisdom and see them grasp your words with understanding, is so fulfilling.

I said to somebody today, “I love what God has called me to, because I love to see people get to their purpose and destiny.”

There is excitement in the atmosphere as I see some getting promoted and elevated to greater responsibility and authority in the Body of Christ, because they set and served and learned the lessons that were necessary to process their character, attitude and behavior, so that they would be honorable before the people as they represent the Kingdom of God throughout the earth!

On Sex in Marriage

Some the people are upset because they married somebody who didn’t want a spouse, just an ornament!

People, sex is allowed in marriage and it’s okay to have sexual relationship with your spouse.  I have dealt with couples who had been married for years and they never touch each other because of certain issues that they didn’t find out until after the ceremony.

This is why counseling before marriage is very important, because those hidden things can be uncovered and brought out.  There are five issues that I have found to be very prevalent when I counsel before marriage, or have to deal with a couple after marriage.

Those five are these:

  1. Some, because they were yet still dealing with issues from being molested, raped etc., so that when their spouse attempted to have sex with them, they couldn’t stand them to touch them, because it reminded them of the sexual assault.
  2. Their are some who were dealing with identity issues and couldn’t function with their spouse because they were turned-off to the opposite sex.  They just married for companionship, or to hide from circulating rumors.
  3. Some were dealing with erectile dysfunction, but didn’t reveal their inability to perform sexual functions before the marriage.
  4. Some were dealing with pedophile issues and couldn’t function because they can’t perform with adults.
  5. Some have unnatural sexual appetites that are beyond what their spouse is comfortable in performing.  Whips, chains, sex toys, physical abuse and verbal abuse and sodomy are a few examples.

Many take the scripture in Hebrew 13:4a as a excuse to do anything they want in the bedroom because they are married.

“Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled…..”

That’s not what that scripture is saying.  He saying that all should honor marriage according to the pureness of the Word that governs what is permitted and not permitted concerning sexual relationships.

Those things not permitted like sex with animals sex, with same gender (man to man or woman to woman), sodomy (oral or anal sex), sex between relatives (father daughter mother son uncle niece aunt nephew), adultery (no outside partners no threesome no orgies).

These are things that also need to be discussed before marriage as I have seen major issues develop after a couple says “I do!”, because nobody discuss the marriage bed and what was expected from each other concerning sex.

Storehouses of the Kingdom

We have to learn how to stock the storehouses of the Kingdom.

Food pantries (non perishable food items water) clothes pantries, personal items (toothpaste soap toothbrushes lotions baby wipes diapers).

You see, the storehouse was about items of survival in case things shutdown or if there is no way to get anything.  The Church should have farm land where they are growing fruits and vegetables.

We use the scripture in Malachi about tithes and offerings, but the majority of the tithes and offerings were used to store up the things necessary for survival when famine came, not to build you a house buy a car.

They were used for the Kingdom advancement only not personal greed!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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Sex in Marriage — 1 Comment

  1. We are told by the prophets on this same site that we are living in the year of Jubilee and that we have seven years of abundance then after those seven years there will be the seven lean years so some forward planning but not to store up right now as many have in the past have ended throwing away well out of date and deteriorated items such as rice for one item and with long date codes . God will warn of imediate danger to His people and to those who have ears will truly know and be led by The Holy Spirit will hear also God fed His children supernaturally in the past seasons and sure if we ask He will do so again as it says His children will not be begging for bread and also be it according to your FAITH , I BELIEVE ….
    THE only aspect of the sex issue which tends to carry some conjecture again not long posted on the subject of oral sex along with scripture which had scripture was that it was perfectly ok as long as both parties where willing partners to this aspect and that there was no s rupture against such a practice and all there other aspects where completely correct and along with scripture to substansiate but on your oral sex matter there is no scripture and that it is an opinion based on your own choosing which Is fine but not scriptural where the other lady had scripture to substansiate the act of oral sex . So please may is suggest that it is an opinion and not Scriptual as you have suggested where that prophetic word given the other day and many of the past and even if you do a Google bible search on the subject also confirms . It says test everything by prayer and scripture and the other ladies align up on the matter where yours does not and therefore an opinion.  Many Blessings. Dave