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  1. We are told by the prophets on this same site that we are living in the year of Jubilee and that we have seven years of abundance then after those seven years there will be the seven lean years so some forward planning but not to store up right now as many have in the past have ended throwing away well out of date and deteriorated items such as rice for one item and with long date codes . God will warn of imediate danger to His people and to those who have ears will truly know and be led by The Holy Spirit will hear also God fed His children supernaturally in the past seasons and sure if we ask He will do so again as it says His children will not be begging for bread and also be it according to your FAITH , I BELIEVE ….
    THE only aspect of the sex issue which tends to carry some conjecture again not long posted on the subject of oral sex along with scripture which had scripture was that it was perfectly ok as long as both parties where willing partners to this aspect and that there was no s rupture against such a practice and all there other aspects where completely correct and along with scripture to substansiate but on your oral sex matter there is no scripture and that it is an opinion based on your own choosing which Is fine but not scriptural where the other lady had scripture to substansiate the act of oral sex . So please may is suggest that it is an opinion and not Scriptual as you have suggested where that prophetic word given the other day and many of the past and even if you do a Google bible search on the subject also confirms . It says test everything by prayer and scripture and the other ladies align up on the matter where yours does not and therefore an opinion.  Many Blessings. Dave

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