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Shaking China into Awakening — 8 Comments

  1. In China scientists and researchers from other countries ( including the USA AND CATHOLIC FUNDED UNIVERSITIES!! ) have been working in labs mating animals ( monkeys,rats, pigs, rabbits )with human eggs/sperm creating these hybrid species. They say the purpose is to create tissue for people waiting for human organs as the list is long and donor organs are short. No wonder God has allowed this pandemic to spring forth from China to contaminate the world. Indeed the world is contaminated by this outrageous sin. I think this is how the coronavirus “jumped” from bats to humans. The USA goes to China to work in these labs because its illegal in the United States. How hypocritical! We shouldn’t be doing this anywhere! And most people don’t know about it because its a big secret. Research and educate yourselves. They say they only let these hybrids live to 4 weeks but I personally can’t believe that they wouldn’t let some live for as long as they could for ” research ” purposes.

  2. The International Banking Cartel is led by the Bank for International Settlement BIS (in Basel, Switzerland) known as the bank of central banks (58 central banks) and The US Federal reserve System.

  3. I find your dream with the globe and the sword very interesting, was it possible for you to discern where on the globe the sword went in?
    Greetings again from sweden.

    1 Co 15

  5. Yvonne Hi! Maybe Switzerland and China are connected by the elite globalists and ‘world economic forum’ meetingss in Davos(?). It was ‘World economic forum’ which performed the ‘event 21 about a worldwide pandemic. 
    Greetings and blessings from Sweden

    • Holy Spirit often doesn’t give me direst places when I draw globes but it is a word fir all places to pray and be ready, Amen Maria I believe we are seeing more with our eyes over elitist agendas.

      • Hi Yvonne and Thank you for your answer.
        Yes, there is no doubt that the Lord is showing us a lot. He has given me understanding of the present circumstances which goes back all the way to ‘operation paperclip’ and your visions and dreams are in line with that.
        The last four years I’ve continually prayed that this system and everything that is connected to it must be completely crushed and some weeks ago I heard the Spirit sing these words ‘first we take Manhattan then we take Berlin’.
        Therefore I was greatly blessed by your post!

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