Share the Gospel – in ALL circumstances!


So, my wife and I were driving somewhere when our car developed some mechanical problems.  As I was bringing it into the garage for fixing, one mechanic made a mess and scratched it further – one full side was scratched, plus another person’s car became involved in the whole mess up.

Despite all this, I did not get mad or go off on him, but remained very calm.  I could also see that he was at the point of tears concerning the repairs that would need to be done.  Instead, the Holy Ghost led me to share the love of Jesus with him and other mechanics.

Soon, there were 7 of the mechanics gathered around me and for 10 minutes I spoke to them about the love of Jesus and how He is able to change their lives.

The short of it is that, though there was a cost to fix the mess which they had done, I forgave the young man who was responsible for the scratches, laid no charges on him and decided to use the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to them.  Ah, they hungrily consumed every word I spoke – as if the Holy Ghost was speaking to them Himself [and indeed He was!].

They were all cut to the heart by the deeply convicting words.  And when I passed the altar call to them???  Ah, all 7 of them said yes to jesus and prayed to receive him into their lives.

I shared with them what they must do to keep their faith and left them to fix the car, came back for it later on, and left.

Now, why am I sharing this story?  Because I saw what God can do today: what the Devil meant for harm in this case, God turned into an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I want you to know that no matter how hopeless your case may seem like, no matter who has hurt and offended you, and no matter the losses you may be counting because of the errors of other men, if you will put your situation into the hands of god then there is always something god will do to turn that negative into something good and positive for His glory.

So go ahead and tell Him, ‘LORD TAKE THE SCARS IN MY LIFE AND USE THEM FOR YOUR GLORY’ and watch God use what Satan sent into your life for evil for His own glory.  He is wonderfully mighty and able!

I pray for you: for every negative situation you have experienced today and before, may God bring forth many positive and beautiful things into your life, in Jesus’ name!


~ Apostle Paul A Williams

Apostle Paul A WwilliamsApostle Paul A Williams
Apostolic Revival Church International, Nairobi


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