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  1. I love the post by Priscilla Van Sutphin. It does make the heart rejoice for those who have been healed from the Lord and for many who shall be. I’ve had healing and a breakthrough which is great this year. It was through a friend of mine who prayed for me a lot and who operates in both healing and in the miraculous He was empowered by Holy Spirit. I thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In as much as I’m grateful, I’m anticipation a total healing and miracle to be activated in the name of Christ Jesus. Our Lord is so good as is Holy Spirit working on the inside of us and through us. And let us not leave out Yahweh who is our Father. Yes, all we need do is believe. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. We all need to draw close to Holy Spirit. He always draws us to Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit is very powerful and does more than we give Him credit for. Now, that we have entered Springtime, may we soak in all that God has for us and may we draw nearer and nearer to the Godhead. We are so blessed to have Christ Jesus as our Lord and Savior! May we draw ever so closer to the Godhead and witness to the lost. Have a wonderful Spring season everyone!

  2. I LOVE this Word!!!
    Strengthen the feeble hands and steady the week knees Lord!! Say to those with fearful hearts “Be Strong!! Do Not Fear!!!” For You are WITHIN us Lord!! :)
    Bless your beautiful heart Priscilla!!

  3. I Receive, believe, and proclaim.  Thank you Priscilla for sharing Gods Words of encouragement.

    John in Colorado.

      • Amy Batchelor posted: ✨ A MIRACLE…Our son, Aric, is 12 years old & was born with a completely deaf left ear. The doctors told us that the hearing nerve did not develop before he was born & that there was no way to fix it. he was 100% deaf in that ear, & a hearing aid would not help at all. When he was a baby, we took him to be prayed for several times & felt God gently tell us he’d be healed later. Tonight he went forward 4 & he couldn’t stop shaking. Can now hear in both ears! #faith #Godheals
        (Shortened a bit)

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