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Shut all Satanic portals around you! — 4 Comments

  1. Here is some truth though. Romans 13 never said to obey Govt, it said to obey the higher liberty.
    The word Power in Romans 13 is derived from the Greek word Exousia and means Liberty not power.
    When they first translated for the KJV Bible, the Scribes were more likely fearful that the king would imprison them or cut off their heads so instead of liberty they used power in Romans 13.
    Here’s another bit of truth that will hurt people but still true. Kids will be in the lake of fire, sorry but they will especially the evil ones now days. Ezekiel 9 tells us so and it goes along with Revelations. SO if they have the mark of the beast it don’t matter they are doomed to be in the lake of fire, just as adults will. Sorry but that’s true. so yeah I am none of these people for the end times to bring truth. not crap. Sanctification is only as good as those who believe not all kids are Sanctified that is a lie and Satan spoke that crap.  Satan is Santa too sorry but true. What better way to get people to love you and deny Christ but to be a secular Jolly fat man who gives secular Gifts.

  2. Apostle, I thank you very much for that word. The Lord has been releasing the prophetic gifting in me. Today, in particular I noticed extreme spiritual attacks against me to shut down the prophetic word from coming forth, and great attacks against my siblings. Please remember me in your prayers. God bless!!!

  3. whew!  POWERFUL AND RIGHT ON thank you for confirming!!
    so so blessed me as am walking in this even now thank you for your obedience unto HIm and thank you for prayer here in europe.  Blessings!

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