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Simple Childlike Faith — 4 Comments

  1. When Jesus said” Suffer the little children to come unto me for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven”. He really meant it!

    I apparently am not mature enough. How that word ‘mature’ is so wrongly used amongst sophisticated Christians. I have also been told that I am too idealistic.

    God healed my ‘carpal tunnel’ 12 years ago to show me He still heals today. It wasn’t serious. It could have been a simple one day operation.

    Thank you Chris. I do believe That you are absolutely right.

  2. We seem to be overly busy people whether we are the ones needing healing or the ones praying for those who need healing. This healing must happen so we can get on with the rest of our day we have things we need to do so quick prayers maybe even opening our bible and thinking what is a good healing scripture or maybe reading someone else’s experience and trying to apply it to your situation. Let’s all be assured that if the Holy Spirit is not present there is no healing, the presence He brings removes burdens and destroys yolks. You have to keep yourself marinating in God s presence by reading through the Bible stories of healing reaffirming and reassuring yourself what the word of God says whether you are the one needing or the one praying for healing. Stay marinating in His presence don t get distracted by a conversation with thoughts of time with your schedules simply stay in this place of carefree peace and quiet with your Father, and be his carefree child. You can see how people who live in much harsher circumstances would move into God s presence and stay there for long periods of time strengthing refreshing being charged and built up, the thought of going to a hospital you might leave with fewer parts than when you arrived. Persecution does not make us stronger but it will make us press into God into His presence and we will be bold and powerful pestilent Christians you know the ones who open their mouths and the devil immediately has a rolling kicking screaming fit!

  3. Thank you Chris, you have no idea how helpful this word is for me today. Bless you in your obedience in re-sharing this word today.

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