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  1. Yes,the Lord speaks words of comfort,and exhort his children who walk with him.This exhortation is great in that because Like Moses he want us “to walk by faith” 2 cor.5:7,and “…To persevere and seeing him who is invisible.” Heb.11:27.

    But the reason I respond is concerning Lucia’s mention of the E.W.Bullinger. I understand you are reading the Bible by E.W. Bullinger. I would say before you continue to be indoctrinated by his theology ask the Lord to preserve you from error.I once picked up that Bible and the Lord led me to discover in it false teachings then I set it a side.I post bellow what Wikipedia said about it. Please take time and read read all of it and discover some of his controversial view of the scripture.


  2. Thank you Lord Jesus for your friendship
    There is a wonderful theme article in Soul Care Bible by Rosemary Scotti Hughes: Worry or pray” on Luke 12:22-23. Obviously, as Christians, we pray. How can I worry, I am grafted in :-)
    The Lord is speaking of numbers as I am reading “Numbers in Scripture” E.W. Bullinger. The Lord has shown me the numbers 4 and 1 together repeatedly since December, He is teaching me about building the Tabernacle. These days He is also speaking of the numbers 444, I see it could be about Damascus. I need to study more. God bless you all. Lucia Ludvigsen

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