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Snow Plow Unity — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Chris, had a similar dream about the church been barricaded in. They couldn’t get out and no one could get in. The ones inside were partying and were oblivious to the situation.

  2. Interesting that it was a ‘spirit filled’, ‘healing believing’, ‘signs & wonders’ ‘believing’, & youth orientated church I attended which cancelled services because of a wee flurry of snow a few years ago, as they were afraid to travel. They were also one of the ones who locked down longest and hardest in lockdown.  The older generations of whatever denomination battled through deep snow, cleared the paths and gritted the roads themselves to ensure that Sunday worship would continue. In Africa, many walked for miles and hours to attend a service. We have become so cosy. Being a ‘leader’ is a ‘cushy number’ for many – not concerned with snatching people from hell and death.

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