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So Why Are Some Getting Ready to Throw in the Towel? — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Joyce. Truly so many have become weary in the battle. That is a good message of warning to be on our guard against discouragement. It is so important for us to take a day of Shabbat rest and just have that quiet day away from the hustle and bustle of life. Quitting and being refreshed is key to not allowing ourselves to be overtaken by the cares of this life. It can all be overwhelming if we do not come running to our Father to supply our need. Blessings to you. He is faithful who will also do the work in us. Patricia ❤️

    • Thank you for the important point you brought out, Patricia. The day of Shabbat rest is most key. There was more I started to add along those lines but didn’t yet. I feel this maybe was a part 1, not sure yet?

      The thing I see, often times Christians often get weary and pull aside in ‘general’ and often stay pulled out! That is dangerous.
      We need that refreshing, and have to have it, but must step back into the battle, for surely it is the Lords.
      God bless and thank you for your comment. ❤️

      • Dear Joyce,

        That is so good. We must get back into the battle. There is that tendency to want to pull away, run and hide, especially when issues have had us aside on occasion to start.  Getting back into the ring is key for sure.  Love to read your writing and look forward to more. Blessings, Patricia ❤️

  2. Shalom, Shalom, good message. I love your message and you always back it up with the word which I love. I think the scripture for Hebrew 12:15-1 should be Hebrew 12:15-17. May the Most High continue to pour blessings on you and family.

  3. Yes.Amen.
    Let it go, the person or persons who hurt you.

    Forgive them and your ourselves also. You will find your freedom then.

    Choose the love and healing of Jesus Christ because you are our peace and freedom.

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