America: Some Are Judged Now, Others Later!


Warning to America and those who approve sin.

The Bible clearly tells us that there will be a judgment day for all men.  I know this for a fact that judgment day is coming someday and there is coming a pay day for all sin.

The Bible also says that the sins of some men are judged now for all to see….  Now, and other men’s sin are awaiting judgment in the future.

Remember Ananias and Sapphira [Acts 5:11] who were killed immediately because they lied about the money given?  Well were they the only ones who stole money?

Of course not and many since then, even today who lie about money and how they give!  Yet, they live and the two were judged before all.  Why?  I believe it was that god made an example of them to warn the people or church to not lie about giving [and how god sees the sins of people who horde money that they should give or how he sees those who tell lies].

The fact is, God judges some men now before the judgment, to make a warning to all to not commit such sins else you will be judged.  Now, really it does not matter if men are judged now or later, because all men will be eventually judged!  But for the now warning to cause others to not follow in their sins!

The LORD say to me:  “I will judge the abortion murders My babies now, and not wait till the judgment.”

Capitol BuildingHe sent me all the way to Washington DC, to speak as a prophet on the lawn of the US Capitol Building last year.  The message He gave me was primarily about abortion.  He told me to take a pottery jar and a hammer to smash it before all saying: “If America does not turn and repent of abortion I will break America to pieces.”

Well, now we know, America has still not repented of abortion.  As a matter of fact [one running for the office of president] openly declared in the last debate to be totally in favor of late term abortion and if elected, that candidate would place men into leadership of the supreme court who would insure abortion, even late term abortion.

When I was in DC on July 17, 2015 year, I heard the LORD talk also of another sin and how He would judge that sin openly.  That sin is: homosexuality.  He said that he would not let it continue unpunished, but would make it clear his condemnation of that sin.

There are national leaders who have stood up and voiced approval of this lifestyle and caused it to be adopted into law; today I believe there are individuals who should tremble in their shoes [if they read this warning].

Note: the LORD talked to me about the way men were forcing his people to partake and even back these sins.  He explained it was and is bad enough now that these sins are being committed, but to force his people to approve them and aid the sinners in this sin is very terrible to him.  He told me He would rise to protect and stand with his people in america.

The fact is, not all abortionist will be judged openly, and not all homosexual advocates will be judged openly, [but certain people will be openly judged before all to witness].

The sins I warn about in this word are (I believe) the primary reasons for the judgment now taking place in America.  When I was physically in Washington DC, I was moved to fear and I heard the LORD say, this will not be a safe place.  I began as soon as I could, to leave that city!  I made this clear in postings on my Facebook profile back then and even wrote warnings to Washington DC, of coming judgments!

The LORD begin to warn me as far back as 2008 that He would tear down the Democratic Party platform openly for all to witness.  Within the written statements of this platform, are the real proof of the sins mentioned above.

In one word which I openly posted in obedience to the LORD, He said that he had placed President Obama in office to bring down the Democratic Party.

I was told by the LORD, not to vote in the last election cycle, but that Obama would continue the second term.  I have known all along about the Obama judgment upon America.

[I must explain that when He said that the Democratic Party, he did not mean those who are now joined with them in their platform who are of the other party [GOP and others] would be exempt, but He will judge all [eventually] who stand for that platform!  He intends to make the sin of that party open and before the final judgment day, for all to see openly.]

The LORD has told me in words [in early mornings] who were to be judged.  I have not spoken their names, nor will I, because He told me for my own understanding.  I know, God will reveal them in His time to all.  All I can do now is wait upon the words I have been told to manifest.

It will be a open judgment for all to see, as God judges certain people to warn all.

I write a long word today, but must explain: on October 26th I heard the LORD say the days had come down to 10 [ten] days.

Three days before, He warned me of its coming.  He said three and then ten.  I know His meaning: God is represented as Father, Son, and Holy Ghost in the three, and in the ten….  The completion of the time will come forth when because men have broken his law so openly, He will not judge.

Today is October 29.  Ten days away from the election of a president in America.

I hear that this election year is the end of an era or time and that changes are coming before the election.  By the election time, the world will see and know him and what He is saying to all.

As a prophet, I warn you all, today and the next 9 will be days of judgment.

He called it his ….  Light arrow.  He will bring light for all to see and warning for future Americans and the world.  To those who are watching, know God is speaking loud and clear.

Scripture added here that the LORD spoke to me to share here:

“Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after,”   1 Timothy 5:24 KJV.

“The sins of some men are conspicuous (openly evident to all eyes), going before them to the judgment and proclaiming their sentence in advance; but the sons of others appear later [following the offender to the bar of judgment and the coming unto view there]”   1 Timothy 5:24 AMP.

And, I add the 24-5th verse here:

“So also, good deeds are evident and conspicuous, and even when they are not, they cannot remain hidden [indefinitely].”


~ Desert Prophet Ken Dewey
The light will shine in His glory… In the desert.

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