Some Still Need Re-Training!

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Don’t Get Distracted

Watchmen and Seer Prophets, don’t get distracted.  When the enemy thinks you’re weak, they will attack.

More is going on than people realize in the Spirit realm.  While the focus is on the hurricanes, the devil is plotting even greater destruction.

Eagle Eyed Watchmen and Seer Prophets have the ability to maintain their focus and perception during a attack.  They have the capacity to see afar off.

Their spiritual resolution and clarity gives them an advantage when dealing with the enemy, because they can spot their attackers even when they are hidden.

Their vision is more sharper and better because of their assignment to warn of impending danger and they have the ability to see in two different directions because their spiritual eyes can see something different at the same time.

Their spiritual eyes give them the ability to see in more than one dimension and realm when seeing in the Spirit!

They are called to alert the people and bring forth what God is showing them.  Their ability to see and hear God is most important and they must maintain their focus so that they remain precise in what they release to the people!

These are not immature novice in the gift of prophecy.  They have been trained, taught and tested in the prophetic realm and their voices are proven to be accurate and trustworthy, so that when they speak urgent warnings instructions and directions the people know that they are speaking directly from God.

They don’t assume; they don’t guess; they don’t lie; they release only what is given to them, not adding or subtracting the Word that is put in their mouths.

Their boldness and fearless attitude is offensive to those who are only rebellious, stubborn and disobedient.

Those who are stiff necked and hard hearted, hate to see them coming.

Eagle Eyed Watchmen and Seer Prophets will be hated in this hour because of what they see and hear and released, but they are necessary to bring forth the warnings directions and instructions for this time in the earth!

I keep hearing, “The Voice of ELOHIM shall thunder throughout the earth and He shall speak with a mighty sound.”

The ears of the people that have been fined tuned shall hear what the Spirit is saying and  prepare to obey.  This is the time to stay consecrated, sanctified and holy unto God so that you won’t miss what He is saying and doing.

He is moving and great shall me the Father throughout the earth as His Glory is being revealed to all mankind in this hour!

Look up for your redemption draw nigh!

Some Still Need Re-Training…..

Some in the five-fold, need to truly go back and train under somebody, because it’s evident from your behavior, attitude, character and spiritual understanding, that you missed some important lessons.

Your gift should not be all that you have going for you in ministry.  Your name should carry Integrity, so that when people hear, it they will know you’re a trusted voice!

Character, Behavior and Attitude should be seen as Holy and  Righteous before the people!


You need a backbone of boldness and structure.  You also need to have the ability to teach and preach foundational truths.

You also should have miracles signs and wonders operating within your ministry.  You should have maturity, humility and obedience operating in you.

There should be love demonstrated and have the ability to change regions and enhance people.  You should have the ability to teach all nations and races as God sends you to different cultural.

You need a Kingdom mindset and the ability to teach more than spiritual things!

You need to be able to teach on governmental, educational, family structure, media outlets, various arts, business and all areas of church establishments.

As foundational layers of the Kingdom of God, all these areas impact what God is doing in the earth.


You need the ability to stand bold and courageous, without fear as you release the Word of the Lord to the people.

You need the ability to walk in complete obedience and have a mindset without religious thinking.

There should be a certain dimension of consecration and sanctification that you possess.

You also need to have a sure and solid relationship with God, so that you can know His voice.

You need wisdom so that you can deliver God’s word right.  You should have a lifestyle of prayer and fasting and walk and live in the word of God.

You should not have respect of person and you should walk in a high dimension of humility.

You can’t be greedy or have a love of money so you can’t be tempted or persuaded to speak anything outside the will of God.

You should have a reference fear of the Lord.


You should have the ability to present the gospel in simplicity so that all that hear will understand.You need a love for souls and a heart for people.  You need faith and trust in God so that when He speaks to go you will.

You need to have knowledge and understanding of scripture and the ability to preach with a firm yet gentle approach to wisely win souls.

There should be a willingness to obey God and stand boldly and proclaim the gospel even when faced with death.

You can’t be fearful or shy or lack confidence.  You must be well versed in scripture as you evangelized so that you can give a answer when questioned.


You most definitely need to have love compassion and a uncompromising spirit to deal with the sheep.

There should be obedience humility and excellence operating along with a lifestyle of holiness and righteousness working in your life.

You should be a defender and protector and have the ability to see and hear and know the voice of God.  You should possess patience kindness and peace.

There should not be a love for money jealous operating in you or hatred working in your heart.  Boldness wisdom knowledge of the word and wisdom should be prevalent.

There should be the ability to lead and administrative abilities operating.  You should not be a hireling or wolf preying on the people.


You should be apt to teach from all dimensions of revelation.

You should have the ability to teach from the standpoint that you can help the babes in Christ to the mature in Christ.

You should be able to expound on the word rather in a Christian setting or in a worldly setting.  You should be educated in the word so you can rightly divide it.

You need to be an effective communicator and also have skills in biblical studies.

You need wisdom and understanding and knowledge of the Hebrew and Greek meaning of the wording that is being spoken from the Bible.

You should have patience so you can take your time with the people as they learn at their learning capacity.

You should be able to correct errors and ungodly teaching and to bring the illumination of the Word forth with preciseness and clarity.

These are just a few things that will help us to understand that sometimes we move out before God is finish with us.

I rather go back and finish my process, than to continue on and let the devil finish me.

There’s nothing wrong with admitting you moved to soon!


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and is on a mission, travelling the world, proclaiming the Gospel, for souls to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has life mandate to help bring others to their divine purpose.

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