Sons of Celebrities or Sons of the Spirit?

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His Train

God has called the men and women whom He has prepared to accomplish His divine will in the earth, and whom He has formed and moulded to walk in obedience for His set seasons to be unfolded in due course, to collide with another in His divine moments of destiny — “Kairos”.

When the season comes, both the conductor and the driver will take their place to serve on His train, departing from the platform of destiny, traveling along the fixed tracks of accomplishing His predestined will.

No Shortcuts

To live a life wherein God can entrust you with what otherwise cannot be obtained by any other means,  requires a lifetime of faithfulness, produced through the hammer of instruction forming you in obedience on the anvil of God’s will.

There are simply no shortcuts in God or in His process with us.

We either follow, submit and obey — or we live our lives according to our own set patterns.

Sons of Celebrities or Sons of the Spirit?

People who follow celebrity preachers as spiritual sons, do so because they inwardly desire to be as they are.

They desire the lifestyle, the clothes, the cars, the money, the fame and status that goes with it.

That is why they imitate them, dress as they dress and talk as they talk. They are eager to be mentored by their spiritual “pappas”.

Who you quote, and what table you feed from, will tell those who are spiritually minded volumes about where you really inwardly are yourself!

I like to place JESUS as my benchmark.

I like to make Him my example to imitate.

I like to compare my way with that of Christ and to follow and imitate Him and His teachings and ministry – as Paul did!

I like the example, teachings and the standard of the Spirit of the Father in Christ, to follow Him in everything He is and He wants to be in me, and when looking for someone that may impart into my life.

I seek to have those who follow Him in a similar manner, who will invest and impart His Life and Wisdom in me.


~ Johann van der Hoven

Johann van der Hoven has been in service of the Lord since 1991 and has hosted numerous mass revival meetings in South Africa and abroad and is a published author.  He is the visionary of Fellowship of the Believers, host to “Eagle Food” Apostolic & Prophetic Seminars, and currently pioneers “Deeper Life” Revival School International, from South Africa where he resides.  For more info visit

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