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  1. Hi Elisabeth Marie! Yes, The Lord will not allow us to go back to the way it once was because that was not a godly way. I can only see that the present time is the “harvest” or the “reward” of previous ungodly living. The believers had grown fat from their own self righteousness and preaching of salvation by “grace” despite that God clearly says that His Word is a Law and that Lawlessness will cause man’s love for God be cold.

    I will also warn again that closed pages can be used for the enemy to spread deceptive messages “in your name” without that you or the readers are aware of it but that the Lord also allow this for the reason of separation between those who diligently seeks Him and those who build their faith on what other say.

    Pay certain attention to Rev.13 because the “image” (twin/look alike) that can both speak and walk exactly as its origin is the advanced Biotechnology that makes this possible. And the “mark” of the beast on your forehead represents the decisions you make in your frontal lobe where decisions are made which will form you to the image of the beast instead of the image of God. (see also Joshua’s war against Ai and Daniel chapt.8)
    Greetings and blessings from marie andersson, sweden

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