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South Africa, Be WARNED! — 4 Comments

  1. God is a God of righteousness. The rule of law has to be followed. Maybe God is using South Africa and the ICC to stop something extraordinary bad happening to His Believers in Gaza. Who are we to interfere in how God uses nations to deal with Israel and His Believers in that region?

    I stand with Jesus Christ. No one else. Jesus never allowed wicked behaviour, just because it was a Jew committing it. He called evil out, without being cursed by God for “coming against a Jew or Israel”. Quite the opposite. When He hanged, He was innocent. So God never, EVER blamed Him for speaking His mind about the bad deeds the Israelites and Jews were doing. We are to walk in Jesus Christ’s footsteps, not the world that fears committing “anti-semitism”. Choose wisely with whom you stand. Their fruit will show the tree.

  2. Please be aware that most of the large numbers of Christians in South Africa are horrified and do not agree with their government’s stance against Israel and is vervently praying for a change in government at the upcoming election. Please pray with us.

    • While other (also large numbers of) Christians in South Africa are horrified by what’s happening in Gaza, and pray for God’s intervention in their lives, most especially our Christian brothers and sisters in Gaza.

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