Speaking the Truth


There seems to be a spirit that has crept up on some of our well-intended utterances.

It’s not an unfamiliar spirit; we’re all heard it and been exposed to it in all our days.

Although it has often been groomed and urged on by some kind of force of darkness, it’s not always from that source.

We humans are quite capable of reeking enough havoc and discord, without the help of any outside force.

Would it be too trite to suggest, that perhaps a spirit of haughtiness has crept in among us once more.

Maybe it’s been said before, that some of us were raised in some very tough, even harsh atmospheres.

Even some of our church elders, may have come across a little bit too forcefully at times in their understanding or in their trying to do the right thing.

Warning people about hell and deciding they are going there, may be two different issues. The last word, isn’t ours.

Does anyone recall that wise admonition from back in the day, about stopping and checking your spirit?

More so today, I am truly amazed at just how many verses we read about how Jesus taught us to love and treat one another.

I feel that at this very moment, the conversation ends with many.  You make that comment, and it ends there.

Could that be from a lack of real teaching; that we could focus so much on the do’s and don’ts of our group or our doctrine issues?

But less with how the body of Christ is supposed to treat it’s own members.

Even with all of the suffering and heartbreak many of us have endured, we might still have a bite in our tongue sometimes.

At this very moment, I’m asking myself if this may be a result of a touch of self-righteousness.

God help me, if it’s pride.  If we may, let’s stop right here and make a strong statement.

It might be best, that we not say anything on here, that we don’t first apply to ourselves.

I believe with my heart, that whatever message the Spirit might be kind enough to use me for, that it is first for me.

I’ve learned, that is the way it works in my life.

If we truly desire to minister to people, I don’t see any reason to be curt, or smart.  Yes, far too many have gone in the totally opposite way to sugar-coat as we say, to stroke people’s ego and their own too.

Carefully worded sermons that are sure not to offend anyone and perhaps pamper to the human flesh’s desire to be lifted up.

Are they messages with no true depth and that fail to direct people in following the true leading of the Spirit?

Can the listeners discern that now in this very hour.

It’s awful how some of us paint our words.  Let those who wish to build their own safe kingdoms, do what they want.

But this is for those of us who desperately want to see the Spirit move in our lives and in those we genuinely minister the gifts of the Spirit to.

Could it be, that what we are looking for in what is a false prophet or false brother, is actually, the lack of fruit.

It was our misfortune, if someone failed to impress upon us, the much needed biblical teaching, of speaking the truth, in love.

We’re facing some dark days; and they are surely much more far spent than most of us know.

The messages and direction that the Holy Ghost is giving to those called and chosen for this time, are so vital.

They are vital to the body of Christ and to those who do not yet know Him.

We have got to reach one another; we have no choice.  There are the sounds of horses hooves that can be heard throughout the earth.

If it takes my thorn to keep me humble, then perhaps I know a little of why Paul wrote about it.

The fruit of the Spirit, is the only way you can know a real person of the Spirit.

The Spirit is not haughty……


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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