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Spiritual Masking — 3 Comments

  1. I have been under attack for several years, now my family is also under fire. Please pray for deliverance for us as I have just prayed for you!

    PR Barbara…I will KEEP this.in mind
    This is no lay back there is no comfortable ZONE for TRUE SERVANTS
    There is no.such thing in spiritual realm to relax DAILY fighting demonic forces AGAINST the BELIEVER from Head to toe. When u are a threat,Satan assign specific demonic legions against the CHILD of GOD especially when he knows a CHILD of GOD has fleshly weaknesses this is where HE CAN attack, weaken those dry perplexed bones. Will the CHILD of GOD resists or abdandon to the temptation of the flesh? Yea & Nay …some go in the battlefield & some couldn’t careless (oh NO, the careless

  3. Thank you sister.  That makes perfect sense.  Glory to God.  Help me pray for my daughter. I think she has inferiority issues and I know she has a drinking problem.  I’ve been coming against the demon of alcoholism, but thinking on other things lately. Help me uncover the real culprit through prayer in the name of Jesus.

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