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Spiritual Sanity Overcoming Natural World Insanity — 3 Comments

  1. Rev. McGatlin –

    Greetings. Glad I saw your post; was a confirmation to me of what the Lord’s been speaking to me about His Church. The Lord has been saying the “mixture” in the Church (even in the prophetic and other gifts) is causing confusion and leaving a debris of uncleanness on the people. Because of a Lack of the true Fear of the Lord, it’s (spiritual insanity) it’s rampant. B/c of uncrucified fleshly preaching in the pulpit, carnal thinking, compromise, lack of Holy Spirit unction anointing, – the Church has been lacking power.

    Thank you for obeying the Lord in publishing this Word.

  2. Sound and sane. Consistent 4 of the 5Fold Ephesians 4:11 – The Apostolic, Prophetic, Pastor, Teacher gift! Bring us in and build us up Apostle. Let’s go church!

  3. Yes!I Falling in love and being married to God causes us to become one with God.

    Yes!Amen! Our spirit becomes Christ’s Spirit and we no longer live. But He lives in us where we once lived.

    Ya!We not allow the insanity of the devil and the fallen world to steal our parts in this life.

    Look up in the Spirit! I can accomplish much more in this life than my mind can imagine.

    This is the sanity of the Spirit freed from distractions and hindrances to clearly see and experience the fullness of the life of God for me in this now age.

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