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Spiritual Warfare Comes With Every Promise God Has Promised You! — 7 Comments

  1. This word truly blessed me it made me to think about how we are so quick to give up on our dreams and our visions all because we do not want the spiritual warfare! Esau was all about his flesh but Jacob was about the promises of God. He and his mother may have went about it the wrong way but in the end God still blessed them because they were both hungry after the promise some folks are not hungry enough and this is why God passes them up!

    Thank you woman of God this was truly a new enlightenment to me I never saw it on this fashion and I have read this text many times

  2. I would have to agree with brother Chris based off of my personal knowledge and revelation on the matter and also based off of personal experience. I will also say that I believe (God correct me if I am wrong) that we go from glory to glory and if we genuinely have the Holy Spirit as our teacher then He will lead us into all truth. I believe that there is milk and meat to truth and brother Chris has the meat from God on the subject. HE IS FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE THE WORKS HE STARTS IN US. God has just delivered a new level of glory (meat) for us to learn from. Praise be to Your Holy name God and thank You Holy Spirit for leading us into all truth. Brother Chris I feel led to say that our sister has received milk and now meat but we all start off with milk and that doesnt make us wrong it just means God is still maturing us… I have learned that I am no better then someone else because I have been matured in an area they are not, bet your bottom that the same person is more mature in another area then myself. Humility will best deliver a new revelation. IRON SHARPENS IRON. We are not supposed to argue over the word of God but bring revelation and correction from a heart of Love. God bless you both in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We are not enemies. Our enemy is the one trying to stop us from receiving the truth. But greater is He family of God! The name above all names JESUS!

  3. Desperation comes about because God chooses not to intervene of the behalf of his children.  So many people cherry pick the Bible because they are unwilling or unable to accept the fact that God does what he wants regardless of what mans opinion is. Satan cannot create, he can only duplicate what God has created. If you believe that, then you must accept that anger, hate, rage, murder, all come from God. God encompasses both love and hate and uses them how he chooses. We are his creation yet he blesses and curses who he wants. May you truly understand what is, rather then trying to rationalize and make accretions for what you know very little about.

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