Spiritual Warfare Strategies

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Spiritual Warfare Strategies

Before we can see results on earth, we must first go to war in the heavenlies, binding up the strongman over each area, then over each person.

Unless we eliminate the strongman our efforts will be fruitless.  The lesser spirits are just a distraction to keep us from getting to the ruling spirit.  Binding the strongman and then cutting off the cords to those lessor spirits, gives us the advantage of obtaining victory.

People, please don’t attempt to fight the enemy in your own strength, you need the power of the Holy Ghost to be able to discern what spirit is in operation.

One thing I tell those to whom I teach warfare, is to learn the history of spirits – how they operate, what they do.

Many times, if you know their modus operandi, you will have an advantage on how to defeat the spirit.  Before you just start binding and loosing, know what you are fighting.  Then God can give you the strategy of how to defeat the strongman that is in operation.

Too often we just binding and loosing and satan is laughing, because he knows we don’t know what strongman is in control.  We sometimes be calling out things that are not there, because we are confused about what spirit is in operation.

Gaining knowledge about the enemy puts us on top of things when we face our adversary.  Studying and learning to get wisdom and knowledge are necessary in order to be effective in warfare.

Before engaging with the enemy make sure you have been spiritually prepared for the battle.  We have had to many casualties of war because somebody didn’t want to go through the training they did to help win the war on satan!.

Teaching Teachable People

As a teacher, the one thing I do is inspired my students to study.  I love giving enough information to cause them to go deep in study and to bring me back the proof of what I said, or didn’t say, or to show more revelation of what I have put into them.

If my teaching only has them asking me for the answers, then I know that this student is not trying to learn, but just gain just enough information to seem smart.

A good student will always study and research the information given them, but an excellent student will not only study and research, but expound on what was presenting to with increased knowledge and wisdom of the subject.

I love teachable people.  I love the excitement in their face with they receive new knowledge how they light up when a revelation they were pondering on is addressed and they realized that they are on the right track about something.  I love when they bring me back more revelation on a subject.

I think I get more excited then they are, because I see them with a desire to learn more and obtain more knowledge and wisdom.  Even sometimes when they ask a question, I give them just enough answer for them to say, it seems like it’s more to it than that, and then they study more.

To see someone learn something new on their own is an awesome experience for a teacher and cause the student to have confidence in themselves and gives them a stronger desire to learn.

The word says to study (the devotion of time and attention to acquire knowledge, a detail investigation or analysis of a subject) to show yourself approved unto God.  As we study the word we will find ourselves being pulled into a world of new discoveries of the history and events that were occurring at the time the word was written.

Learning is so much fun and knowing and being informed of different things in the word have open up a whole world of excitement and adventure as I journey into my studies.  Teachers keep teaching and students keep learning we all are learning something and we could learn something new everyday!  Much love to you all.

The Ashtoreth Spirit in Churches

The Ashtoreth Spirit is prevalent in the church on today.  In the Babylon system the true leaders of religion were women.  The Ashtoreth spirit was so strong in Babylon until all women were a part of it during that time.

The high priestess involved in this cult practice was known as a prophetess and seer.  She held a high and prestige position not only in the church but also in society.  Where this spirit is in operation you will see the women ruling over the men causing them to fear them because of the influence they have.

These women are brutal and ruthless in their desire to dominant and control the church.  They use their sexual powers to keep the men in a subservient (secondary or less important position).

These women controlled by this spirit become obsess with being the head and will use any means necessary to maintain that position.  Also where this spirit is in operation you will find a high percentage of the spirit of lesbianism among a congregation, because the women are obsess with being the controller and therefore take on a masculine nature.

This is a very powerful spirit that operates with the Baal god but this god is more feared and worship because of the nature it contains.  You will see this spirit become more stronger in these last days because the Babylon spirit will emerge stronger.

Baal and Ashtoreth produces Ahab and Jezebel combinations.  Not every women is in a godly leadership position some of them are followers of Ashtoreth and have taken on this spirit to control the church and society.

Today we see women in power in the church as well as in society that are ruthless cutthroat and combatant.  This is part of the Babylonian system that is in operation now in the church and the world.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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