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Spiritually Eternal and Naturally Temporal — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for writing this. This is new to me … I have not understood all these. The thing amazed me in your writings is, “Inside the DOME is as it is in heaven on earth …” I dreamed that I was in a cafe named Dome. I have been wandering why Dome? Your writings help me to understand my dream. Thank you.

  2. Yet another Good Word!  I dreamed one night I looked down my driveway, which is currently lined with hated Bradford Pear trees (a problematic ornamental I did not plant) and I saw instead a row of fruit trees with large colorful ripe fruits, apples, peaches, cherries.  I was surprized because in my dream they were not old enough trees to bear like that, but here they were with excessive fruitfulness.  Though I understand the spiritual implications of this dream, I find myself desperate to make it a natural reality also, a garden.

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