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Stability and Peace in GOD and His Word — 2 Comments

  1. God Bless You Dr. Reinke!  Oh how your words were placed in front of me this very moment of my decreeing in Jesus Name against spirit of oppression that was trying to affect me thru derogatory statements from an ill/afflicted family member I was in the midst of helping!  As I also prayed for their conversion & deliverance, I was also using the scripture and words publicized on this website to rebuke & cast out what was trying to form against me; I was reading the accompanying Scripture verses to help me recollect Christ Peace; after which I was led to see the article in the sidebar: A Horse Named Justice; which after I read it and felt so delivered out from what was trying to disorder & burden me, I then saw this extremely helpful & uplifting article: Stability & Peace in God & His Word—and became ever so joyful to realize you had written it this very day!  Thank you ever so much! And to God is the Glory, in Jesus Name, Amen!

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