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Stakes, Wells and Revival! — 3 Comments

  1. Well Chris, I’m glad it’s not only me that’s had to do this in South Yorkshire. People thought I was mad, but you do it because the Lords asked you to do it. I put salt into the river don and wasn’t shocked when it flooded back in 2007. Plus salted and staked out in certain areas round here also. Waiting now for the Lord to move. Been waiting a very long time.

    • South Yorkshire is probably the hardest field we’ve ever tried to plough! Maybe it’s because we’re not local, but also maybe it’s because there’s been so much strife and hurt, and the church has not been seen to be leading? It’s a fraught subject in a disturbed and let down area. Of course, the grooming scandal hasn’t helped either. I honestly don’t know the answer other than to keep looking and focussed on Jesus!

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