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  1. First, thank you sister for allowing the Lord to use you to encourage the people of God.  I am a worship leader.  I was discouraged tonight because although I have received a number of prophetic words from as early as 1999, all have not come to past.  I just finished reading them and while I was once again encourage d, I was still looking over my life and realizing the tremendous push back from, sadly, members of the body of Christ who were not or are not very encouraging when it comes to individual gifts on the worship team.  I am thankful for you post a nd your example of the two trees, how timely for me.  May GOD bless you richly.

  2. A Very interesting send by you.  Timely as well.  Thank you.

    About 3 weeks ago … I was unexpectedly prophesied over … as a result … what was said … actually spoke into the very first Prophetic word through scripture given to me 30 years ago …. All your children will be taught of the Lord … when in fact we had finished adding to our family … it was spiritual children He was speaking of.

    So the nature of the word you shared … immediately fits into this … longevity.

    about 10 years ago … I was at a prophetic gathering … and I gave a word, I knew I had to …

    It was a picture of a huge redwood tree … and I was embracing its huge trunk, whilst trying to look up to its top … of course my little arms were nowhere near big enough, nor my sight good enough …  but it was a picture of His embrace and positioning with us …. his height, his breadth, length and His depth, even downward into His great, vast and immense roots

    As soon as I read this, He brought the past image of this redwood, giant redwood … He lives for many as does the depth of the roots of his promise prophetically to us

    … and I needed this

    …. I knew of the redwood tree from being a very young child through pictures I was fascinated by
    But I didn’t know until today it was also called the sequoia

    Even that knowledge adds as a witness a testimony

    Thank you again
    For faithfully bringing to mind what He is saying

    Bless you

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